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Two Words That Lead Straight To My Heart

– From the Department of Icon Resurrection, Josh Poertner recently acquired the storied Italian frame pump brand Silca. If you don’t know Josh, you should. He spent umpteen years as the Brainiac-In-Chief of Zipp Speed Weaponry. Talk to him about aerodynamics and it’s clear that the terrors of my childhood — chess, quadratic equations, how airplanes fly — are mere child’s play for him. The dude is brilliant. I didn’t even know he’d left Zipp, but apparently that’s the case.

At a time when a handful of Chinese dungeons produce the bulk of the pumps, multitools, and other accessories you find at your LBS, it’s awesome that he’s trying to bring manufacturing to Indiana. Josh, sign me up for a lenticular frame pump and a dimpled chain tool. The second generation of Silca should be freaking awesome.

BTW Josh, is Alfredo Binda for sale? If so, let’s make it a twofer!

Alfredo Binda straps blue 005

Alfredo Binda Extra Toe Strap

Ghisallo - Monumento ad Alfredo Binda

– Last week I posted a photo of what I claimed was the first-ever camouflage road frame. A commenter directed me to an earlier camo frame here. While I may still be technically correct since that’s a track frame, its combo of Camo and Flouro makes it 1000x cooler.

– Just as pro is properly spelled PRO, I hereby nominate that we spell flouro as FLOURO.



– During the mid-90’s Colnago bonded an alloy steerer tube to the crown of the Star Carbon fork for the almighty C40 frameset. In a fit of Mapei lust I briefly owned one. One time I attempted to alter my bar height by holding the front wheel between my legs while twisting the bars back and forth and voila! the steerer snapped off the crown. Campagnolo has named a new crankset technology in honor of my wrenching skills.

Breakthrough Media is amazing.


– Did you know that United Bicycle Institute has a blog? Did you know that it’s awesome? Dig it.

– You’ve probably already read this. If not, it’s the year’s most fascinating piece about the state of American bike retailing. As if the screed wasn’t sharp enough, and as if the wit wasn’t wicked enough, as a bonus one of the commenters compared his employer, Lazer Helmets, to General Mills. In terms of scale and in countless other ways it’s a parallel so absurd that it demands a contest. A $100 Competitive Cyclist gift card for the best, more absurd analogy. Use the comments section below and fill in the blank: “Lazer is to General Mills as ____________ is to ____________.” Deadline is in a week or so.


Must be the shoes

And, just to be clear, Lazer makes sweet helmets, despite the inadvertent success of one of its employees in distracting from that with silly internet talk. And Lazer also makes mildly interesting videos, even though the dodgy English voiceover has a creepy male Siri-like resonance…

– Two words that lead straight to my heart: Roubaix Journal.

– Amazing cyclocross photo intermission —

Bpost Bank Trofee #3, Hasselt - 2012


– How the mighty have fallen intermission —

Davide Rebellin

This is Gregory Brenes and you need to learn his name. He raced for the Movistar continental team in 2012 then was picked up as a stagiaire with Champion Systems in late 2013. He responded to his call-up by finishing sixth in the Final GC of the US Pro Challenge. Perhaps that wasn’t totally unexpected given that he finished 12th in the Tour de l’Avenir in 2010 when Nairo Quintana won, plus the fact that he has long worn only one color Oakley: FLOURO.

Keep your eyes peeled on Brenes and mark my words that eventually he’ll be the second Costa Rican to ride the Tour de France in the trail blazed by [……..] (Pop quiz: Do you know who the first Costa Rican was to ride the Tour de France?)

I miss La Vie Claire