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Turner Demo Center

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually ride your dream bike before you purchased it? Now you can.

Here at Competitive Cyclist, we understand the difficult decision as one tries to wade through a mountain of information and attempt to choose which mountain bike will be ‘the one.’ With new suspension technologies seemingly being introduced every month, it makes that decision all the more challenging. One suspension design has survived the test of time -- the Horst Link.

The Horst Link is a ‘fully active’ system, meaning it’s free to compress and rebound at all times, both when the rider is in the saddle and standing up. As the suspension compresses, a Horst design causes your rear wheel to move vertically, not in the arc-shaped path seen on single-pivot bikes. Not only is the suspension independent from chain forces under pedaling loads, but it allows you to maintain an efficient pedal stroke since the suspension action has no effect on it. Arguably, nobody has more experience testing, refining and applying the Horst Link design than David Turner, the namesake and brain behind Turner Suspension Bikes.

Competitive Cyclist has partnered with Turner Suspension Bicycles to serve as a factory authorized Turner Demo Center. We’re located in Little Rock, Arkansas -- just a short drive away from the legendary singletrack at the Womble Trail and the Syllamo Trail. But just because you don’t live near Little Rock doesn’t mean you can’t try one of our demo bikes -- we’re ready, willing and able to ship a demo out to you! We have Flux, 5 Spot and 6 Pack demo bikes available in every size. Each is built with top-notch components from Fox, Marzocchi, SRAM, WTB, and Shimano. After all, we want you to ride it like you’d build it! Best of all, we’ll ship the bike to you, so you can ride it on the trails you know best.

A Turner demo costs $199. For $199 you’ll get to keep the bike in your possession for 7 days. It also covers UPS Ground shipping to and from any location within the continental US. If you choose to purchase a Turner from us, we’ll credit $100 towards the cost of your bike or frame. We also invite you to come see us, sign out a bike, hit the wealth of trails in the Little Rock area and get good and dirty! It’s simple -- call us at 888-276-5686 to reserve the date you’ll be in town. For $50 a day, you can test any of the demo bikes available. We’ll help set up your position and shock on the bike and we’ll turn you loose. If you ultimately buy a Turner from us, we’ll apply that $50 towards your purchase.

In more limited quantities, we also maintain demo Intense Spiders, Ventana El Salts, and BMC Fourstroke 01’s built with high quality components.

You can proceed with a demo by choosing your preferred demo model and size, then clicking ‘Add to Cart.’ By doing so, we will authorize your credit card for the full cost of the bike at check out. (Please click here if you would like more information about what exactly a credit card authorization is.) Your card will be credited appropriately upon the safe return of the bike within the specified time period.

Please feel free to call us at 888-276-5686 or email us at if you have any questions about our demo program.