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Three Times a Bridesmaid

– This is the story of a life in balance. And this is the story of one gloriously out of balance.

– This week’s best photo ever:

1971 Tour De France

– Headline of the week #1: Belgian Classics demigod Leif Hoste announced his retirement. He finished bridesmaid at the Tour of Flanders three times, making him perhaps our favorite-ever underdog. A few years back I saw a photo of him on cyclingnews (I think) in which he was extracting his race bike from the trunk of a jet black Chrysler 300, aka the poor man’s Bentley. This weekend I spent the bulk of the evening hours trying to locate that image, thinking I might need to frame it. But, alas, I couldn’t track it down. A $100 Competitive Cyclist gift card for the first person to send a link to that photo to sales at In the meantime, some alternative photos of a true Belgian superhero —

Leif Hoste

Ronde van Vlaanderen - 6/4/2008

– Headline of the week #2 comes from Phillipe Gilbert. In some ways he’s right, but in some ways he’s not.

A cyclist is purportedly not an F1 driver

– Headline of the week #3: The Founder and CEO of the Slam That Stem movement is returning to the pro peloton as a coach for Team Lampre. Nobody looked more PRO on a bike in the last 30 years than Michele Bartoli. With his sky-high saddle, absurdly low stem, and Miami Vice hair he was always a joy to watch. Maybe he’ll start by bringing back the Spinacis.

Slam that stem

– Headline of the week #4: BH Bikes returns to the pro peloton for the first time since the, errrr, super-charged era of Liberty Seguros. It’s not a shabby outfit, Sojasun. And green bikes are always welcome here.

BH for Sojasun


– Hey Interbike, America’s best bike shops already have a program for getting their best customers into the show. It’s called registering them as employees. By implying they need to pay and be badged as ‘consumers’, you risk reducing your attendance by 10%. Be careful what you wish for.

– And, finally, the video of the week.

500 meter cable cam from ANTIMEDIA on Vimeo.