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Sweet Bike Calculus

– The countdown to Eurobike is on and I’m in love with this eerie image of its hometown, Friedrichshafen, Germany. Much closer to home, that is, right here in Park City, someone answered the question “What if they gave a trade show and nobody came?” Compounding the oddness of Dealer Camp was cyclocross racing in July. It was racing made silly by the fact that it was won on a full-suspension 29er.

Jonathan Page

Jonathan Page

Jonathan Page

– Other Park City news includes the release of the all-new brand video from our parent company, For those who know Competitive well, about halfway in you’ll see some of our local fast dudes slogging on Guardsman’s Pass. Wear headphones, this is cool —

– It seems like this article could’ve been a lot more interesting.

– The day has come where I’ll now forgo watching races live because Cosmo Catalano’s summaries are 10 times more entertaining, and four times more interesting than Sportscenter in the Golden Era of Patrick and Olbermann.

– Little is more yawn-inducing than yet another exposé of doping in the Masters ranks.

– A walk down Sentimental Street.

– Do they still have that Supercross CX race in the Hamptons? If so, this is a pitch-perfect accessory for the tifosi.

The Fizik Aliante:

Ride four hours plus

and you’ll soon agree: A man’s

ass is his castle.

Vintage Peace Race

Rough Rider Promo

Velominati Rule #12:

Do you laugh every

time someone says “maths”? I do.

Sweet bike calculus.

Eurosport ad

Greg LeMond:

Shotguns nor badgers

could slay him. Fourth in Roubaix.

Froome on cobbles? Ha.

Wheel of Fortune

Eric Ravilious

To Forgive:

In ’98 we

were all children. The futile

state of bitterness.