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SRAM XX: Rumors confirmed and Ante Upped

The cat is out of the bag. The heavily-rumored SRAM XX mountain group represents a 2×10 transmission as many have speculated. However, the even better news is that the drivetrain will provide an array of gearing options rather than being the strict 26′ wheel, huge-gear-masher-specific set-up that we have seen on most mountain doubles. Clearly inspired by SRAM Red group, the first gem of XX will be a Powerdome 10 speed cassette in 11-36! The 36 tooth cog will provide that one extra bail out gear which is needed for your average Joe on a steep climb, once the granny gear is eliminated. It seems SRAM has finally heard the unanimous gearing woes of the Cult of 29, and plans to offer the XX crankset in a 26/39. Finally, a true mountain bike compact! Additionally, the 28/42 will be the go-to selection for 26” wheeled riders, and the monstrous 30/44 for those in Texas flatter terrains and elite level racers.

The Avid XX disc brake appears to take SRAM’s new and popular Elixir lever and piston design, and adds a gram shaving trick-out. The shifter appears to be a version of the SRAM Red Double Tap flat bar shifter we’ve already seen. If the claimed weight of 2300g including brakes is remotely accurate, the SRAM XX gruppo would save a little over a half pound over XTR 970. Shimano is rumored to have a new XTR group to be introduced this spring as well -- let’s hope they have done their homework!