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SID Preview, PowerTap Arrival, Free Pedals, and Five Ten Shoes

Rock Shox SID Preview

2008 marks the 10th anniversary of an industry legend: Rock Shox SID. SID redefined the standard for a lightweight front fork with cutting edge features like positive air (pressure and volume) and negative spring (preload and rate), interchangeable rebound cartridges, hollow crown and magnesium lowers. For those of us that had previously lusted for Judy Yellow, SID Blue washed that from our minds the second we saw it. Now, SID blue is back, gracing the top shelf of SID forks -- World Cup. Rock Shox has thrown out all the stops in an effort not to make the already super-lightweight SID lighter, but to make it perform better. If there’s been a knock on the SID over the years, it’s that hasn’t been as stiff or plush as people might like. For most, it was a case of turning the cheek in an effort to save an additional half pound or so. Everything comes at a price, right?

Not anymore. While the 2008 ‘New’ SID may add a few grams over the 2007/2008 model, it is emblematic the Rock Shox success story, adding serviceability, stiffness, and small bump sensitivity along the way -- a quantum leap in performance. We were able to secure A SID Race a short time ago, and have been thoroughly impressed by the entire package -- Rock Shox left no stone unturned. The fork is incredibly stiff -- the stanchions have been increased from 28 to 32mm diameter, and power bulges have been added allowing Rock Shox to use a larger bushing. This makes for longer bushing life, and maintains a stiffer feel to the fork by virtue of the larger surface area in contact with the stanchion. Rock Shox introduces a BlackBox Motion Control damper on the Team and World Cup models, employing a titanium shell in favor of the red swiss-cheesed casing with which we’ve become so familiar. New pre-tapped screw holes grace the back of the arch with the intent of mounting a mud flap (included with the World Cup models) for riding in muddy conditions. The World Cup suffered a small hit in the weight department, but thus far, we think it’s well worth it. With an uncut steerer, our SID Race tipped the scale at 1430g. To offset all the additional beef, Rock Shox saved weight wherever they could without affecting performance. As such, they’ve cleverly hollowed the bottom of the legs of the ‘New’ SID.

While the World Cup models won’t be available for consumption until June, the SID Team and Race are available now, a perfect upgrade for the race season. If you’ve got your heart set on the World Cup, we recommend reserving one now. Like all good things, they’ll be in short supply out of the gates.

CycleOps PowerTap SL 2.4 Disc Hubs Have Arrived!

Our eagerly awaited CycleOps PowerTap SL 2.4 Disc Hubs arrived yesterday. We’re currently filling our backorders, but look to have a few left in open stock on this initial shipment.

Free Pedals with Any Titus Racer X or Moto Lite Complete Bike

It’s that simple. Buy any complete Titus Racer X or Titus Moto Lite complete bike customized to your liking in our kit calculator before June 1, 2008, and get your choice between a free set of Crank Brothers Candy SL or Shimano XT PD-M770 pedals. Place your order with us and select your preference between the two promotional pedals during the checkout process on the web, or let your customer service representative know at the time you order. While both titanium and exogrid Racer X or Moto Lite frame are eligible, this promotion does not apply to the purchase of RX-1, ML-1, El Guapo or Fireline.

Introducing Five Ten Shoes

We’re please to welcome Five Ten Freeride Shoes to our quiver of top shelf products. Five Ten has defined rock climbing and bouldering shoes for a decade. Climbers consistently live on the edge, often placing only Five Ten’s proprietary Stealth rubber between themselves and the rock they’re scaling. That’s a supreme vote of confidence.

Five Ten’s Stealth rubber has various formulas for specific applications, but each shares a blend of high friction and high shock absorption. Five Ten Freeride Shoes utilize the Stealth S1 formula developed specifically to enhance the aforementioned characteristics, and produce the most durable sole in the industry. If performance is what you’re after, Stealth S1 is what you want.

We offer all four models of the Five Ten Freeride line -- two low-top versions (including the Sam Hill Impact Custom shoe), and two mid-top versions (including the Nathan Rennie Signature shoe.)