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Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon: Raising the Bar

So we just got our hands on a Santa Cruz XC Carbon. Wow. Let’s just say that the bar just got higher. A lot higher.

First, the large sample that we received tipped our scale at 4.49 pounds with the Rock Shox Monarch air shock. That’s a good 3/4 of a pound lighter than most XC bikes on the market. While that’s super news for all of us weight weenies, the design isn’t just about being light for Santa Cruz, it was clearly about building a better bike. Their attention to detail on the Blur XC Carbon is first rate:

  1. Notice the all carbon headtube. No metal inserts here.
  2. Notice the rivet free cable guides. Nice.
  3. Notice the metal chain suck plate. Nothing could suck worse than ruining your new carbon frame with chain suck. Santa Cruz addressed that very issue with a handy aluminum shield in that very spot. Our apologies in advance for the photo!
  4. Silver is the new gold, and carbon is the future. Damn, this bike is sexy.
  5. And it’s got the new generation VPP link with a more active feel to the early end of the axle path, and a carbon fiber upper link to both shave weight and enhance lateral stiffness. It’s easily-serviceable via grease ports that were added to the aluminum alloy lower link (grease gun and grease included). The pivots now have beefy 15mm locking axle-pins. They run on intricately-sealed bearings with one-way purging seals that should last the life of the frame, and don’t creak or loosen. For the people who want every lightweight feature addressed, Santa Cruz topped it off with titanium bolts in all the places that made good sense.

We’re currently accepting pre-orders on the Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon. To guarantee yours it out of the first batch, we recommend doing so sooner than later.

But if the price tag is a bit high, fear not -- you can still save $600+ on our remaining aluminum Santa Cruz Blur XC frames.