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Ready to Ride Delivery Service

Just because you love to ride pro-quality bikes doesn’t necessarily mean you have the time, the interest or even the tools to work on one. This is a discovery that some of our customers make at the worst possible moment: The day on which UPS delivers their brand new bike.

Our standard shipping box provides you a bike that requires minimal re-assembly — install the wheels, attach the handlebar to the stem, insert the seatpost, then affix the pedals and you’re done. But for our mechanically-disinclined customers, this seemingly basic chore of re-assembly can be a trying experience. After all, no one ever forgets their first attempt to equally torque the 4 bolts of a Deda Newton stem with one hand while maintaining a perfectly centered, leveled handlebar with the other. And if you’re trying to do it sans workstand, and armed only with a multi-tool, things become that much more treacherous.

Carting your bike-in-box down to the local bike shop for re-assembly would seem to be the only alternative. But just as attempts at assembly in the garage can be frustrating, that long walk through the bike shop with a new bike purchased elsewhere is daunting in a different way.

Ready to Ride Delivery Service boxIt’s for this reason that Competitive Cyclist offers our Ready to Ride Delivery Service option for our road bikes. Ready to Ride bikes are shipped in a custom box that allows us to send them 100% built and ready to ride. The box is sized 67′ x 20′ x 41′, so every component will be in place, and nary a bolt will need to be turned before your first ride. Your handlebars will be centered and leveled. Your wheels, seatpost, and pedals will all be installed. You simply need to remove the bike from the box and off you go. Except for fine-tuning your seat position, there is no re-assembly or mechanical work required whatsoever.

Ready to Ride Delivery Service boxOur Ready to Ride shipments are delivered by UPS Freight. The central advantage of UPS Freight is their delivery speed. For example, a regular UPS Ground shipment from Competitive Cyclist to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Miami would take 5 days in transit. UPS Freight reaches these cities in 3 days. New York and Boston — normally 4-day destinations, also get delivery in 3 days. Chicago and Atlanta are 2 days away via UPS Freight. Dallas and Houston are 1-day deliveries. And Seattle — normally a 6-7 day trip via UPS Ground — are 5 days distant.

Ready to Ride Delivery Service boxDue to the dimensions of the box, your bike won’t be delivered on the typical UPS ‘bread truck’ you’re accustomed to seeing. Rather, it will come on an 18-wheel semi. And unlike a regular UPS Ground shipment Ready to Ride bikes cannot be left without a signature. While we can accurately project the date on which UPS will deliver your bike, UPS cannot provide an estimate of the time of day of delivery. Due to these reasons, most customers choose to take their Ready to Ride delivery at their business address where someone will be present to sign for the bike.

The cost of our Ready to Ride service is $250. By comparison, regular UPS Ground shipping for a complete bike is $90.