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Our Cameo in the Robb Report, and Pegoretti 2005 Spy Pics

None of us here has ever shopped for a 6-figure wristwatch, and only one of us has been to a vacation spot even loosely defined as a ‘resort.’ Nevertheless, we somehow ended up in the August 2004 issue of the Robb Report magazine. Somewhere in between the report from the International Elephant Polo Championship in Thailand and the 12-page review of the Rolls Royce 100EX Convertible (a car that ‘…addresses the motoring public’s urgent need for a proper convertible’) was a full-page spread about the Pinarello Dogma Ego and the fact that Competitive Cyclist is the only Pinarello dealer in the United States with one in stock. A shame we don’t have an outlet on Madison Avenue! Click here to read a PDF version of the article.(763K)

Pegoretti paint patternsWe’re not sure if we’re supposed to be showing these pictures or not, but we so greatly pride ourselves on our tight relationship with Dario Pegoretti that we can’t help ourselves. These are 4 new paint schemes being considered for use as the stock paint for Pegoretti’s 8:30am frame for 2005.

The shiny swatches you see on the purple frame are actually a gold leaf paint of sorts. It looks gorgeous at high resolution, though the scheme itself is a bit on the feminine side and I’m not sure how broad its appeal would be. Our favorite is the lush red with the long, thin lines. It looks fast, and very evocative in an abstract expressionist sort of way. We’re voting for that one.