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Note to Dario

Dario and friendMany of you are aware that Dario Pegoretti was diagnosed with lymphoma in May, 2007. While Dario’s skill at building artful and wickedly fast bike frames has made him legendary across the globe, he’s perhaps more loved as bon viveur. Who amongst us doesn’t consider him a soulmate? 10 minutes of conversation with Dario is like a riff from your favorite song, or a passage from your favorite book. His interests are so vast and his exuberance so limitless that few people don’t feel like they share an entire worldview with him. We’re willing him from across the Atlantic to get well -- there’s too much limoncello left to drink, and he still hasn’t seen Graceland.

We’ve created a special page for those of us who know Dario and/or appreciate his beautiful work. It’s called ‘Note to Dario‘, and its purpose is simple -- it’s for ALL of us from around the world to let Dario know he’s in our thoughts and prayers. Feel free to share some words with him here, and we’d like you to upload a photo of yourself and your bike. No, it doesn’t need to be a Pegoretti! Upload a photo of you and your Pegoretti, Serotta, Sachs, or any other bike you feel passionate about. No one champions the art form of hand-building bicycles (any bicycle) like Dario.

Click here to go to ‘Note to Dario’.