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News Update: Pegoretti ETA & a first look at Team CSC’s 2008 Jersey

2008 Pegoretti Frameset ETA

Pegoretti Love #32007 was a rough and tumble year for Dario Pegoretti due to the aggressive course of cancer treatment he took to fight his lymphoma. The great news is this: From everything we’re being told, the outcome has been very positive. He beat the cancer down, and he’s healthy once again. It’s obvious to us he has boundless newfound energy, because his frames have been arriving to the US at a clip we haven’t seen in years. We’re grateful for the inventory, of course, but we’re even more grateful for the fact this symbolizes his good health. Bravo Dario!

Many of you have Pegoretti frameset orders with us (both stock and custom), and you’ve shown Job-like patience in awaiting delivery. Here is the latest update on ETA’s:

  • Stock Duendes are shipping from Italy this week. We expect to see them here within 2 weeks.
  • Stock Love #3 frames are all complete, and are waiting for paint. We’re hoping to see them well before Milan-San Remo (i.e. late February).
  • 50% of the custom Luiginos on order are complete and they’re just waiting on paint. We’re hopeful for late February on these. The other 50% have been cut and will be welded in short order. Our fingers are crossed for late March on these.
  • Two days before Christmas Dario took delivery on his Responsorium and Marcelo tubing. His plan is to make all of the special order frames first, and then begin production on stock framesets. If you placed a custom order with us prior to December 1, your frame will be in this production run. We hope to see the customs by April 15 or so.

2008 Team CSC Skivvies – A first look

CSC KitAs we mentioned in a previous What’s New posting, the #1 ranked ProTour team, Team CSC, has changed clothing sponsors for 2008 from Descente to Craft. It’s been confirmed that the design of their kit will change, and here you can see a first glance. Details right now are sketchy, but we’re being told that the design will actually integrate the rider’s signature. Not sure how that will work, but it’s something to look forward to.

What do you think? We think we like it: It reminds us a bit of Julian Dean’s 2007 New Zealand National Road Champion jersey, as well as the unforgettable Acqua & Sapone jersey from the zenith of the Cipolini era. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.