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News Update – July 3, 2004

First things first: Major props to Fassa Bortolo’s Fabian Cancellara for winning today’s Tour de France Prologue. His ride was amazing, and it was another notch in the belt for Pinarello in 2004. It seems like whenever a high-profile race is on the line, the protagonists (and more often than not, the winner) are on a Pinarello. Once again, kudos to Cancellara, and congratulations to the Pinarello braintrust in Treviso for continuing to develop some of the very finest bikes on the planet.

We love rumors, and we’ve come across a rather interesting one from a really reliable source: You might recall several months ago when we made light of a comment in the press made by Eddy Merckx in regards to his desire to produce a 25th Anniversary Merckx for the 2005 season. As we mentioned then, Merckx was 100% behind the notion of a commemorative bike, but he was at a loss as to what the bike should be in terms of materials and construction.

Well, you heard it here first: It appears that for his Anniversary bike Eddy will buck the conventional wisdom and resist cranking out something high-tech for the occasion. Rather, he’ll be making a run of 100 special edition MX Leader frames in Team Motorola paint. Each frame will come with a serialized certificate autographed by the Cannibal himself, attesting to the authenticity and rarity of the frame. Pricing and availability? We have no idea. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

A new arrival here worth mentioning is a Red as well as a Metallic Blue version of the Fizik Aliante (both the carbon and Ti versions). We make no secret of the fact that the Aliante is our best-selling saddle by a Texas mile. Is it expensive? Yes. Would as many people buy them if they cost twice as much? Absolutely. They are indeed that comfortable. The Red is a beautiful Ferrari Red that would most definitely match a Racing Red Pinarello Dogma, not to mention virtually any other red bike we sell. And the Metallic Blue, despite the depth of its color, has a neutralness to it that lets it match almost any blue bike we sell. Both of them are gorgeous.

Another early release for 2005 here at Competitive Cyclist is a new Dura-Ace 10-specific SRM Professional Powermeter. It uses the same integrated BB spindle as the Dura-Ace 10-speed 7800 crankset, but of course you get the world’s finest Powermeter integrated into it. It runs $500 more than the Octalink Professional, but you get to take advantage of Shimano’s brilliant new BB/crankset interface. This is welcome news to our many power-obsessed customers who run D/A-10.

Lastly, we’ve finally received our first DeRosa Cinquanta complete bike -- only 4 months later than expected! According to Sinclair Imports (the DeRosa importer), our 48cm Slope bike is the only Cinquanta for sale in North America. It’s the clincher version, so you save $1000 over the original MSRP (which assumed the use of tubulars), bringing the price down to $9999. It’s an absolute beauty to behold. If you’re ever within, say, 500 miles of Little Rock, you need to take a detour to come by and see it in person. It’s worth the trouble.