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News Update – April 21, 2004

Riding season is upon us in full force. We’ve been exceedingly busy this spring, and we’re certainly thankful to all of our customers for keeping us so! Some notes of interest of developments over the last few weeks:

Pegoretti let us know that they finally cured their tubing shortage problem on the Big Leg Emma. As some of you might have heard, Columbus provided Pegoretti with their seatstays and chainstays for their BLE trade show bikes, but subsequently refused to manufacture the stays for the production BLE’s. As such, there has been no delivery whatsoever on them. After months of negotiation with Columbus, they’ve finally agreed to produce the stays after all. Great news indeed, and we ought to see our first batch of BLE’s sometime in early June.

Shimano has awarded us ‘Authorized Online Dealer’ status, so you’ll now see Shimano componentry offered for sale on our site. Dura-Ace 10 has been a real revelation for a lot of folks -- it’s an enormous improvement over DA-9. The shifting crispness is a quantum leap forward, and the crank/bb stiffness is reason enough alone to upgrade to 10-speed. We’re proud to have the authority to sell you anything/everything you need to give your bike a meaningful facelift when the time comes.

Colnago availability is stronger than its been all year. If you’re looking for a C50 or a CT2 in a specific size/color combination, please let us know, as you have a better chance of finding it now than ever before.

– Two of the most talked-about stems of 2004 have been the FSA K-Force and the FSA OS-115. FSA has delivered no K-Forces whatsoever, and their follow-through on the OS-115 has been spotty at best. For those of you who have run out of patience there, you might check out the Deda Elementi Forza and Einstein stems. They’re new for 2004, they have all the styling and innovation of FSA’s stem, but they’re actually available!

– We’re now selling Craft base layers in our apparel section. Many folks know Craft for their superb winter clothing, but they also make amazing summer base layers as well. Craft had a media coup in 2003 when Tyler Hamilton won L-B-L with a Craft base layer peeking out the unzipped top of his CSC jersey. There’s a reason why Craft is a favorite of the pros. It’s superb stuff.

If you roll your mouse over the red Specials tab on our navigation menu at the upper right hand corner of our site, you’ll note that we’ve done an expansion of our sale offerings. It’s not just frames and bikes anymore -- it includes sale and closeout items from the finest apparel, accessory, and component brands out there. Currently, we have items on sale from Assos, Carnac, Deda, and Fizik, plus many other brands. Keep your eyes peeled there, as we add items on a regular basis.