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Mountain Bikes: A new era at Competitive Cyclist has begun!

We’ve been selling beautiful road bikes for years, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned talking with our customers -- the world’s most discriminating cyclists -- it’s that very few of us are mere ‘roadies’. Rather, we’re cyclists through and through. Sometimes we race hard, sometimes we ride just to see the view. Sometimes we big ring it through organized centuries, sometimes we go on a quick spin to the coffee shop. But our love affair with road bikes most definitely doesn’t keep us from logging serious mileage on our mountain bikes. Riding off-road is natural to us. We’re just like you: We’re cyclists.

Ever since we started selling road bikes on the internet, we’ve been selling mountain bikes, too. Many customers learned to trust us through the process of buying a road bike. When the time came for them to get a new mountain bike, their instinct was to come back to us. While the Competitive Cyclist website was road-only, through emails and phone calls we always got the job done, and just like with their experience buying road bikes, the mountain bikes they bought ended more beautiful than they ever expected.

A new era is here for Competitive Cyclist: You can now purchase a mountain bike using the same tools that you’ve seen on our road site: Our Kit Calculator allows you to interactively assemble a completely customized off-road dream ride. And our Fit Calculator provides you with mountain bike-specific sizing recommendations. And just like road bikes, our goal isn’t to provide you with a dizzying assortment of brands. Rather, we’ve narrowed our selection to the very best mountain bike frame manufacturers in the world. With the options available from Intense, Ventana, Litespeed, and Turner, any possible off-road need can be addressed with the kind of quality we’ve long provided on the road side with brands like Pegoretti, Pinarello, Colnago, Look, and Merckx.

Please take a long look at the newly expanded Competitive Cyclist, and please let us know if you see things you like, don’t like, or things that are missing altogether. We’re in a constant pursuit to provide you with the Internet’s finest on-line bike-buying experience, and we improve every day thanks to the input so many of you kindly give us.