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Reviewed: Motorex Dry & Wet Lubes

Motorex Easy CleanMotorex has put forth something that isn’t all that common, a biodegradable degreaser. And more than just that, the degreaser is designed to work with their chain lubes so that you can degrease, rinse, and before the chain is dry, reapply the Motorex chain lube of your choice.

It sounds good in theory, but it’s only a cool trick if it works.

We’re happy to report that it does. Spray it on, wait a few minutes, scrub, rinse, and your chain and drivetrain are clean. It was part of a larger cleaning routine where we’d first spray the chain with Easy Clean, Motorex Easy Cleanfill our cleaning bucket with warm soapy water, and then clean the front end of the bike before hitting the chain with the Park Chain Scrubber. We used a stiff brush on the cogs and rings before washing the drive train with soapy water. After rinsing the whole mess with cold water, the chain comes out clean. Just to validate Motorex’s claims, we lubed the chain while it was still wet, and it worked fine.

Motorex Easy CleanMotorex claims that their degreaser also works on their bicycle-specific grease. We found that it does, though we didn’t use it to soak gritty parts in need of a solvent bath. Our experience consisted of using a rag soaked with degreaser to finish cleaning out the interior of bearing races and naked pedal spindles.

After degreasing the chain, the old lube and degreaser dribbled onto the rear wheel of our bike, where it seemed to make the rim dirtier rather than cleaner. Same with the right chain stay and the crankset. We sprayed on more Easy Clean Degreaser; point it at the dirty spots and spray. They clean right off. Motorex Easy CleanA clean rag with degreaser sprayed into it will also do the job. So it would seem that a thorough rinse will always be necessary. In fact, we’d plan to use the degreaser in the shade so that the dribbles don’t evaporate too quickly and leave the filmy stains behind.

There is also no guarantee that Easy Clean Chain Degreaser will do a good job degreasing other makes of lube and grease. Our initial impression, that of degreasing a Rock ‘n Roll lubed chain, was that Easy Clean didn’t do a particularly good job at removing it. If you decide to go the system route, and get both Motorex Lube and Degreaser, first degrease your chain with an already proven degreaser before lubing with Motorex. Then once you employ your Motorex Lube, Easy Clean will be your degreaser of choice.