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Reviewed: Motorex Bike Shine

Motorex Bike ShineMotorex Bike Shine Spray, their polish, is markedly different than most spray polishes we’ve used. It is visibly thinner and is almost oily to the touch. It also comes out clear. With their petroleum expertise, Motorex chose to combine silicone with a very thin petroleum carrier, so it comes out very liquid and dries quickly.

They’ve tested it extensively and found it safe for use on carbon-fiber components. In fact, they claim that two coats or more works better than one. Wipe it in, Motorex Bike Shinelet it dry, ride, wipe in some more. The silicone will help prevent dirt and gunk from sticking to the bike, and water will bead up before falling off.

Usually, we spray polish, particularly furniture polishes like Pledge, onto the frame or component and rub it in. With Bike Shine, we found it best to spray the polish into a rag and then wipe it on. When weMotorex Bike Shine checked with Team BMC’s Kevin Grove, this was the method he used on their race bikes as well. The mechanics at Kelly Benefit Strategies told us that they found it also works great on yellow Mavic shoes — which does point to a second purpose of the polish. It could help minimize mud buildup on the cleats of off-road shoes. We haven’t had a chance to test this theory out yet.

Motorex Bike ShineIn terms of the polish, we found it did an excellent job of shining up carbon-fiber, plastic, and anodized, painted or even raw metal. The matte finish of our BMC test bike not only looked better, but it was easier to see the fibers on the naked carbon sections. Our SRAM/Quarq crank, which had a patina of grime post-washing, was cleaned and brightened after an application of Bike Shine. We also tried it on our yellow Mavic Fury ‘cross shoes. It did an excellent job on the carbon-fiber sole, the tread, the heel counter, and it did a little to brighten up the yellow mesh and yellow synthetic upper. But then, these have already had two seasons worth of dirt ground into them.

Motorex Bike Shine Spray leaves a nice shiny finish that does seem to help prevent dirt from sticking. And, thanks to the fact that the lube is so thin, the polish seems to last a long, long time.