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More Dogmas are here, 2004 Campy is here

A small handful of 2004 Dogmas showed up in the US this week in the new-for-2004 colors, Red and Black. We received them in 52cm and 58cm. This is the drizzle before the tsunami -- we expect that 400 Dogmas in all colors & sizes ought to arrive in the US within 14 days. Thanks to all of our wonderfully patient customers who placed backorders with us -- your wait is almost over! If you haven’t placed an order, but have serious interest in a Dogma, this will probably be the only time in 2004 when we’ll have good supply in all colors and sizes, so you might want to act now.

We’ve also received our first shipment of 2004 Campy Record and Chorus componentry. Our complete bike pricing still reflects the use of 2003 Record and Chorus, as most people buying Campy right now are interested in the cost savings of going with the ’03 vintage gear. If you’re interested in 2004 Campy pricing -- either for a complete bike, or just a gruppo, let us know. We’re still formulating our final retail prices, but we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve resolved all lingering issues there.