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Manual For Speed: Cyclocross Nationals Gallery

A couple of weeks ago, our friends at Manual For Speed had their boots on the ground in Boulder to cover the Cyclocross National Championships. Here’s a few of our favorite shots:


Tim Johnson prepares for the holeshot, while a young John Travolta lurks in the background.


Powers took the holeshot and stayed at the front for, pretty much, the rest of the day.


Accordingly, the battle for second place started about 45 seconds into the race.


Trebon powered in pursuit of Powers, and Johnson spent the day chasing Trebon.


Jamey Driscoll’s diesel engine was working overtime for the day.


A subtle look of terror—Powers wasn’t the only one to overcook corners either.


Tim Johnson had his fair share of playing footdown, too.


Driscoll links up with Allen Krughoff to take fourth and fifth, respectively.


Trebon soloed most of the day to take a clean second place. He also showed an eery resemblance to the scariest leg on the planet.


Powers galavanting about after a long day off the front that resulted in his second National Title.

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Words by Jeff Stewart, Photos by Manual For Speed