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Making A List, Checking It Twice

– More than a week has passed since Paris-Roubaix. Have you been able to shake its spell? For me, it’s been like a glow — one that pulses even hotter every time I see my bike. For the first time in ages I have full recollection of how I fell for the sport in the first place. The way I once stole every spare moment to tend to my bike, to think about it when others spoke to me, to doodle it when I should’ve been paying attention to something else. After a lifetime spent in the industry and two decades of PRO dopage dirtbaggery, that feeling became little more than faint remembrance. Then, from out of nowhere, I felt it all anew. And while it may be an overreaction to a long, snowy winter and the fact that this year’s Paris-Roubaix might’ve been the first in 16 years that didn’t have a distant, solo victor, I’m prizing every moment of this while it lasts. This is living.

The evil stones

LeMond classic

There are no Winning Magazines for sale on eBay.

This is the coolest frame paint job I’ve seen in ages.

I miss 7-Eleven.

I miss 7-Eleven.

Karma police for 7-Eleven.

I miss La Vie Claire.

I will do this ride next year.

I will take advantage of this advice:

At least in one regard, I will look like Johan.

Brooklyn is not northern France.

Brooklyn meets northern France.

The true face of Brooklyn, NY.

The true face of Brooklyn, PRO.

The Upright Cyclist would dominate if the whole world was Brooklyn.

Rapha: love it or hate it, it’s created something very difficult to replicate.

Pros holstering Zeghos. seems interesting. But not as interesting as my Pika bag.

Emily Maye has got game.

Today is the day I tried to understand the mechanics of creating an internet meme.

Courtesy is PRO.