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Magura Durin Race 80/100 Fork Recall

Location of serial numberWe would like to inform you about a product recall that has been implemented December 19, 2008. Through long term product testing, Magura has concluded that the first production batch of Durin Race 80/100 suspension forks may have a structural flaw in the lower leg assembly. Durin Race 80/100 suspension forks produced during the first production run must not be used from this point forward. Further use of this product may result in failure and pose a possible risk of danger to the user. We ask that you communicate this recall to your customers as soon as possible, reiterating that the only suspension models in question are Durin Race 80 and 100mm forks.

Durin Race forks affected by the recall will be identified by their serial numbers located on a small red sticker on the inside of the drive-side fork leg. After a fork is identified as a recalled product, it must be sent to Magura USA headquarters in Olney Illinois. Durin Race Serial numbers in question can be entered and checked on a special Magura recall home page that can be accessed at Please remember not all Durin Race forks are affected by the recall, so it’s imperative to use this site.

Magura is committed to ensuring that this recall is conducted as smoothly as possible. Magura would like to apologize for any inconvenience, and would also like to thank you for your support and understanding.

If you have any questions about the process you are welcome to contact Competitive Cyclist and/or Magura USA in the following manner:

Magura USA
(800) 448-3876
+1(618) 395-2200 international

Competitive Cyclist
(888) 276-5686