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Litespeed Classic & Pinarellos On Sale and Other News

Three quick items of note:

1. Our remaining Litespeed Classic complete bikes are on sale for a whopping $800 off. The sale is limited to stock we have on hand here. The bikes will be on sale ’til they’re gone, but at $800 off that won’t be long. The pricing shown on the Classic page reflects the sale price.

2. We’re having a mini-Pinarello sale at the moment, with 20%-25% off on 2004 Prince framesets and Marvel framesets. It’s a great chance to save some serious cash on a bike of a lifetime.

Our gut instinct is that this might be the final year we’ll see the current Prince and Marvel frames in the Pinarello line-up. The attention folks normally pay to the Prince has been focused for the last 2 years on the Prince SL. The SL’s wavy Onda fork and seatstay are oftentimes too sexy to resist. That’s a real shame given the fact that to this day, the Prince is the 2nd best selling frameset in the history of Competitive Cyclist (behind the Merckx Team SC), and because its racing pedigree is incredible: All 5 of Erik Zabel’s green jerseys in the Tour de France were on a Prince, as were all of his numerous victories in Milan-San Remo. It’s an amazing race bike at a superb price, and the Marvel shares many similarities, but with just a few extra grams on it which make it a bit less expensive.

Our guess as to the future of the Prince and the Marvel? We bet in 2005 Pinarello will merge them into one bike, using a mix of 7005 and SC61.10a, and you’ll see an Onda fork and seatstay on it. It’ll be a less-pricey Prince SL in the $2699 price range. Just a guess.

3. Word from Gita is that Pegoretti is finally in possession of the long-awaited Big Leg Emma chainstays and seatstays manufactured by Columbus. For those patient souls who decided to put a BLE on backorder with us, your suffering will soon be rewarded. Word is that the first run of BLE’s will hit paint by late June, and we should see them here no later than mid-July.