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Cooking from Skratch: Spicy Kimchi and Soft Tofu Soup

“Kimchi Jjigae”

Spicy, Vegetarian, Low Carb, High Protein, Gluten Free, Delicious.


This is one of Chef Biju’s favorite winter soups and, while it’s darn near impossible to spell, it’s also a great combination of flavors and textures that he craves whenever the temperature dips. It’s a deep red and pungent classic Korean restaurant favorite, brought out in bubbling hot clay pots with eggs cracked right into the broth, cooking while it sits at the table.

This also just happens to be one of the best low carb, high protein soups which will keep you feeling very full while watching your weight over the winter.

Your belly will welcome the addition of fermented Kimchi and some sour notes to mix up the routine, while adding more probiotics “good bacteria” into your diet. Kimchi has been known for years as one of the “worlds best diet foods.”

You can get great quality Kimchi at any Asian market, and most natural markets now will carry some as well. There are many different types of Kimchi, with different vegetables and some that much hotter than others, so make sure to experiment and find the right balance that works for you.

For this recipe we’ll keep it vegetarian and a medium level of spice with soft custardy tofu and an egg cracked in. Feel free to adjust to your own preferences.

Makes approximately 4 serving of 2 cups each:

– 185 Cal

– 9.5g Fat

– 10g Carbohydrates

– 16g Protein


– 2 cups Kimchi, chopped into bit sized pieces

– 1 package of soft or “silken” tofu

– 1 quart low sodium stock (any type will work)

– 1 tablespoon white or red vinegar

– 1 tablespoon liquid aminos or low sodium soy sauce


– 2 jalapenos chopped

– 1 scallion cut into bit sized pieces

– 1 tablespoon GoChuJang (Korean Chili paste) or Sriracha


You can very simply mix Kimchi and vinegar together, then add the stock and tofu.


Then add in any other chopped vegetables, soy sauce, or chili sauce and bring to a low rolling boil, adjust salt to taste and then add the cracked eggs and let them cook until the whites set.

Last step:

Enjoy the yumminess!

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