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Important Tips For The New Race Season

– Australia? Yawn. Qatar? Double-yawn. But the Etoile de Bessèges? When the Bessy arrives it means the bike racing season is officially here. At long last, Euros in Europe being Euro.



– With the racing season now underway, some tips for making the most of it:

Get epidemiological:

Get epidemiological

Get big-ringing:

Get big-ringing

Get bloodied, but unbowed:

Blood, old school.

Get blown away by the comments, v 1.0.

Get a whole lotta love:

Adut supervision in Girona

Get realistic:

Which US-based world championship event received more holistic support from USA Cycling — 2013 ‘cross or 1986 road? Sure, this year USA Cycling covered a portion of the Exergy shortfall. But what choice did the federation have? The only party that deserves to be more embarrassed than Exergy by its easy-come, easy-go approach to cycling sponsorship should be USA Cycling. Dilgence, schmiligence. The chronic inability of USA Cycling to score sustained, consequential corporate sponsorship over the last decade speaks for itself.

It’s a bummer that we have riders as likeable and as talented as Jeremy Powers, Ryan Trebon, Jamie Driscoll and Tim Johnson, yet their destiny is to suffer OTB at big time ‘cross races like Worlds because the federation seems to lack in the resources to invest in them. USA Cycling, hire some serious salespeople, please. Our athletes deserve more.

CX Worlds 003

CX Worlds 099

CX Worlds 149

Get educated:

Please note that the word simple does not mean the same thing as simplistic. Simple is generally neutral and sometimes a compliment. Think unadorned. By contrast, simplistic is almost always a criticism.

Word of the day, please get it right

Get curious:

Original end to this question was ‘…racing in 2013?’ But I like these better.

Is Levi....

Get blown away by the comments, v 2.0.

Get your money saved:

Merlin Extralight, circa 2013

Extralight headtube, yummy

Get backpfeifengesicht.:

Pei-Ying Lin - Untranslatable emotions

Get dusty:

File under

Get out and train, darn it:


Legs. Rain.