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How to Assemble your New Road Bike

Here at Competitive we take great care in assembling and packaging your new bike so when you receive it, the bike is in pristine condition and can be safely ridden with just a few minutes of simple wrenching.

Before we get it ready to ship, our experienced mechanics make sure that the braking and shifting are dialed in, the headset and bottom bracket are installed correctly and we double check the bolts and tighten them to their precise torque specs.

From there we remove the handlebars, seatpost and wheels to pack the bike for shipping. We use protective cardboard and zip ties to ensure the frame and components are secure enough so they don’t rub against each other during the shipping process.

When you receive your new bike you will only need a few tools to assemble it:

  • A knife to cut through the tape on the box
  • A pair of cutters to snap the zip ties
  • A 5Nm torque wrench and a simple multi tool to reassemble your bike
  • A Pedal Wrench

Before you pull your bike out of the box you’ll notice a plastic folder that contains all of the documentation regarding your new bike as well as our quality control checklist. This is important to keep because it includes all of your serial numbers. We also attach this document with your order electronically so we have a permanent copy here at Competitive Cyclist.

First we’ll pull the wheels out of the box and set them aside.

Then, using the shipping box as a base, place the frame on top of it and carefully remove all of the frame wrap and zip ties.

After that install and lightly tighten the seatpost to make the bike easier to handle during assembly.

Remove the front and rear skewers. To protect your frame, these are often placed inside of a cardboard sleeve and re-attached to the rear triangle and fork.

Now, remove the plastic covers from the front and rear wheel hubs and install the front and rear skewers.

As you remove these PLEASE make sure you don’t pull off one of the washers from your hub.

Once that’s done, put your bars in the stem and lightly tighten the faceplate using your multi tool.

Next, put the wheels on which will make fine tuning the seatpost and handlebar angle a little easier.

Once the bars are centered and angled correctly, tighten the stem’s faceplate in an “X” pattern to 5Nm.

If you’re using a carbon bar or stem make sure you follow the torque specs that are in included in the documentation.

Raise your seatpost to your desired height and tighten the seat collar bolt.

When Installing the pedals, remember that there is a left and right specific pedal, and the left pedal is reverse threaded.

From there you can put your pedals on and go for a ride.

Thank you for purchasing your new bike from Competitive Cyclist.

If you have any questions about assembling your new bike feel free to Chat or call Competitive Cyclist at #1.888.276.7030

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