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Free Team Clothing Kit!

Ahhh, January is a crazy time of year. When the weather is especially lousy, it’s tempting to hang your bike on a hook and leave it there for about 6 weeks or so. But despite the cold and the wet and lack of daylight, our staff here and many of our customers can’t so easily neglect their cycling. Our fixation with the simple act of riding – for better and for worse – defines us. It reminds me of a poem by Raymond Carver, ‘Near Klamath’:

We stand around the burning oil drum
and we warm ourselves, our hands
and faces, in its pure lapping heat.

We raise steaming cups of coffee
to our lips and we drink it
with both hands. But we are salmon

fishermen. And now we stamp out feet
on the snow and rocks and move upstream,
slowly, full of love, toward the still pools.

For the brave souls willing to stamp their feet and think about bikes in the face of so many reasons not to, we have a wintertime special to offer:

 With the purchase of a complete Record or Dura-Ace bike, you get a free Competitive Cyclist team kit. You’ll get a jersey, shorts, gloves, and socks. The jersey, shorts, and gloves are made by Castelli Squadra. The jersey is made from their amazing MicroSpitech material. The shorts are Castelli’s legendary Progetto Y2K. The gloves are nicely padded and the socks are made by Sock Guy. We’ll let you pick short sleeve or long sleeve (made from Spitech Plus for extra warmth) on the jersey, and bibs or regular shorts. Quantities are limited, so there might be a situation where all we have to offer you in your size is one type of jersey or another, etc.

If you’re placing your bike order on-line, on the final ordering page is a ‘Comments’ box. Please enter what size & type jersey and shorts you’d like there. Also, please give us your shoe size so we know what size socks to send you.

The only other news we have to report is that a big shipment of Merckx frames just arrived, and we have Molteni Orange MX Leader frames in all sizes from 54cm-62cm, as well as virtually any other Merckx you can think of.