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FOX Suspension: How To Adjust Your Rebound

Suspension setup is critical to keeping you in control, and Rebound, in particular, is both important and often misunderstood. In this video, FOX Racing Shox’s Outside Technician, Louis Angeley, shows you how to achieve the ideal rebound settings.

Rebound is a function of spring rate, so it’s essential to set your sag before adjusting rebound. Make sure to start with the rebound damper fully open in the fastest rebound position. Once you’ve set your sag, compress the fork and then remove your body weight, allowing it to extend uninterrupted. With the damper fully open, the front wheel will bounce off of the ground. Add rebound damping one click at a time until the front wheel stays planted when you perform this test. Repeat this process for the rear shock. The resulting setup will allow your bike to ride high in its travel, providing the most possible stroke for smoothing out the trail.

Learn how to adjust your sag