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FOX Suspension: Necessary Maintenance

Suspension maintenance is key to ensuring that your bike rides as well on day 100 as it does when you first get it on the trail. In this video, FOX Racing Shox Outside Technician, Louis Angeley, goes over the routine maintenance and service required to keep your FOX forks and shocks running at their best.

Thankfully, performing the proper maintenance is fairly simple. After every ride, take a clean, lint free rag, and wipe down the stanchions and seals to remove any dirt or grime. This is essential, as it maximizes the life of the seals.

At 30 hours of ride time, it’s recommended that you inspect the bushings for play. Loose bushings will produce a knock that’s similar to a loose headset. It’s also advised to replace the lubricating oil in the lower legs and the FLOAT fluid in the air chamber. Both tasks are fairly simple for home mechanics with the proper tools, but a local suspension service center will be able to handle it if you’d rather keep your hands clean.

At 100 hours, or at the end of every season, you’re due for a full service. This includes a complete rebuild and a replacement of all dynamic seals in both the damper and the air spring. The 100 hour service requires the use of proprietary tools, and as such, is best left to well-equipped suspension experts.

Photo by Re Wikstrom