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Five Videos You Need To See This Week: Part IV

Laurens ten Dam Beer Slog

When you couple this video of Laurens ten Dam slinging beers with the Optum Pro Cycling pizza party video below, you’re just a Black Flag song away from a full-fledged TV Party. Though, I can’t help but wonder what the reaction to a commercial like this would be in the US? Most likely, people would just be throwing their Amstels at the screen instead of drinking them, while also demanding the return of Dennis Miller.

Pizza Party Tonight

Just imagine it — a world where pro cyclists are also human beings, human beings that down pizza and carbs on carbs. Well, there’s no paleo diet here, just a refreshing team having some fun.

Tour of Gila Crash

Not too much to say about this, other than that it’s one of the largest and most chaotic crashes that I’ve seen in a long time. It’s been estimated that around a total of 80 went down, with only half of the field escaping the turbulence.

You Takin’ the Piss?

So far, this year’s Giro d’Italia coverage has inadvertently broadcast an unusual amount of nature breaks. But after all, much how “everyone poops,” everyone needs must pee. In a way, it’s about the only common denominator in the peloton. And if you’ve ever wondered how an organized nature break is actually displayed out on the road (kind of weird if you have), this photographer answers your curiosity. Maybe NSFW, but then again, I’m posting this from work, so you’re probably cool. Fun fact: the song title, “Ik moet plassen,” translates to “I need to pee.”

Ik moet plassen! from Proflavio on Vimeo.

Mind Over Matter

It seems like once a week, I’ll be discussing bike tech with someone and I’ll hear, “What’s next? Shifting with your mind?” A wry smile comes across my face, and I’m able to say, “Simpsons did it.” Well, by Simpsons, I mean Parlee and Prius, and they did it around three years ago. This video is far from new, but I’m still surprised just how little this piece has been viewed. I mean, they’re shifting bikes with their f*cking mind!

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