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Five Videos You Need To See This Week

First, is an old one to some, and a revelation to others. Take a look at Ol’ Baby Face Sagan in what can only be described as a possible sponsor-me video. True, there are some chops in there, but it’s also obvious that he won the Junior World Championships in XC, not downhill. Thankfully, Sagan found his way to the road bike about one season after this video, and the rest is history. But this short piece provides a resounding, “what if?”



The Men’s Sprint Final this year at Worlds between Francois Pervis and Stefan Botticher is, well, simply ridiculous. If you’ve been looking for a reason to care about track racing, this is the video. If you don’t care about track racing, I guess that unflinching French death glares and 72m/h neck-and-neck sprints do nothing for you. In other words, I’m saddened by your poor life decisions. But for the rest of us, however, this showdown makes a Tour sprint finish look like ginger beer, man.



I’m sure that nearly every bike nerd in the universe has seen this already, or about 48k of us in actuality, but this GCN bit on how a Campagnolo chain is made is remarkably geeky and fascinating at the same time. Sadly, though, GCN never got to the root of exactly why a Campy 11-speed chain tool is $300? Personally, that would have been my persistent question if I had directed this piece, but I love this vid all the same.



Finally, a cycling documentary that’s not about touring, slow-motion shots for the sake of slow-motion shots, or Lance. Pantani Por Vida.



Ever wonder how track racers find pants that fit? Well, Robert Förstemann is still wondering that, too. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek interview about the challenges of being oddly proportioned.



And for a little bonus video, he also discovered the secret to beating Chris Hoy — be sneaky as hell.