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Five Videos You Need To See This Week: Part Deux

Marcel’s Giant Slam

Fellow Competitive author, Ryan Schoeck, dubbed this finishing move “Marcel’s Giant Slam.” I find it fitting, and really, I don’t have any better way to describe Mr. Lundgren’s temper tantrum at Tirreno last week.


Breaking Cipollini

While Marcel is content slaming his bike, Cipollini is busy slamming boulders, literally, into doors. This gem hails from an Italian television program, where they thought it would be funny to prank the hell out of the greatest sprinter alive. They nail Cipo with every tactic in the book: road rage, bike theft, and childish taunting from behind a locked door, which results in both the pranksters getting violently slapped around by Cipo. It just reminds me — it would have been the worst and best thing ever to be in Cipollini’s lead-out train.



Yes this is old, but it’s also an inspiration for the season that’s peaking just around the corner. Real mountain biking is real.


Tandem Track Explosion

Ever wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center of a carbon disc wheel? About 100 meters worth, apparently. When all goes wrong, though, this team demonstrates remarkable bike handling. But this pride is still short-lived for the stoker, because at the end of the day, he still has one of the worst jobs on earth.


Weekend At Juliana’s

I’ve been living below 40 degrees since October, and I’ll tell you, the mind is constantly wandering towards warm, beautiful places with lush trails and open beaches. Basically, my astral projections are summarized in this Juliana trip. Jealous doesn’t even begin to convey my emotions.



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