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The Real Pro Cyclists of Euro County: Lover’s Lane

Friends Forever

Over the course of this year’s Spring Classics, we witnessed the real fruits of friendship between Luca Paolini and Pipo. And aside from whatever’s going on here, the incident at Roma Maxima was easily the best 52nd place line crossing of all time. Friends Forever.

The Wedding Crashers

Cannondale Pro Cycling making wedding crashing an art form on a “routine” training ride in Belgium a few weeks ago. At least it was good enough to make it into the local paper. I’m still torn on if this is the one of the most fun teams to be on or the most cringe worthy. I only suggest the latter, because no athlete should ever be forced to perform Nirvana or attend anything called “Rock the Road Session.” Moser really isn’t that bad, though — kind of surprising. I would have done “Lithium,” personally.


Niki Terpstra practicing poor podium etiquette, or at least pretty okay Euro-Pro etiquette. Then again, he at least kept his hands to himself, which is more than Sagan has been able to say in the past. Which, coincidentally, also spawned one of the greatest Photoshop jobs in cycling history, as well as a lovely touché from Loren Rowney. Morale of the story? Millions of people are looking at you on a pro podium — behave yourself.

Face Palm

Thor Hushovd doing his best Wayne’s World — really not much more that I can say about it. I just hope that this is the face he makes whenever he’s happy, whether it’s for cheeseburgers or seeing a gerbil in a pet shop.


Bike racing is hard.


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