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1-888-276-7130 intrigue about Petacchi’s Dogma

We’ve received a torrent of e-mail in response to’s May 21st story about Alessandro Petacchi’s Pinarello Dogma. As of today, he’s won an unprecedented 8 stages of the Giro d’Italia on his mean blue machine. Here’s the story in full:

‘Alessandro Petacchi’s bike sponsor Pinarello is understandably more than a little happy at the Italian sprinter’s domination of the stage finishes so far at the year’s Giro d’Italia. Out of the seven ‘sprinter’s stages so far, Petacchi has landed five of them aboard his magnesium Pinarello Dogma.

Petacchi features in Pinarello’s latest ad campaign for the Dogma, but as if to prove that racing really does improve the breed as well as sell it, Fassa Bortolo has been riding on beefed up Dogma frames since Milan-San Remo. The seat tube and chainstays have gained 0.15mm thicker walls to stiffen them – exactly the kind of improvement you’d expect a sprinter such as Petacchi to ask for.

Fausto Pinarello told Cyclingnews, ‘Our philosophy at Cicli Pinarello is that we constantly try to improve our products and this more rigid Dogma is also a running change to all Pinarello Dogma frames that began with January 2004 production.’

It doesn’t take a very close examination to see that configuration of Petacchi’s bike is designed to deliver him to the line as quickly as possible over that final few hundred metres. Petacchi is relatively tall for a pro cyclist at 184cm (just over six feet) but with a 140mm stem, a 58.5cm top tube and a huge drop from the saddle to the bottom of his 44cm wide Merckx-style bars, his set-up would still have normal mortals feeling like they were stretched on a rack. It obviously works for him, though.

As Dr Ferrari has observed, Petacchi’s adopts a ‘particularly penetrating aerodynamic profile’ in a stage finale, which is essential if you’re going to cover 100m at 67km/h. ‘Whenever he launches the sprint, Petacchi takes a very low position with the head,’ observes Dr Ferrari, ‘while the shoulders shrink to his neck and sides: he definitely looks like a torpedo!”

The question everyone has asked has been this: ‘If I buy a Dogma, how can I make sure it’s the 2nd generation Dogma just like Petacchi’s?’ The answer, thankfully, is an easy one: This was a running change from early 2004. The first few Dogmas this year came out with a 31.6mm seatpost — that’s the older version. All of the 2nd generation Dogmas (like Petacchi’s) are 31.0mm. That’s all we stock.