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Competitive Cyclist Clothing Is Here

Competitive Cyclist JerseyWell-done Euro Pro jerseys have long been intoxicating to us here at Competitive Cyclist. Heck, one of us here still rides in his collegiate team jersey -- a blatant rip-off of the Charley Mottet-era RMO kit, except ‘Swarthmore’ is in place of ‘RMO’, and ‘Speedwhores’ is there instead of ‘Rudy Project.’ We were possessed by the same spirit when we worked with Castelli Squadra to design the 2004 Competitive Cyclist clothing collection. We know we’re not fast enough to be Eurodog pros, but thanks to our team kit we look as stylish as the most expertly-tanned superdomestique -- fully ready for the paparazzi surrounding the sign-in table at Milan-San Remo.

These pictures are imperfect, and we promise to display less-rumpled garments once we unveil a full-on clothing section this fall. Suffice it to say that the kit is a beautiful red, white, and grey, and that Competitive Cyclist ShortsCastelli’s fabrics are the most comfortable you’ll ever wear. The jersey is perfectly tailored for a cyclist’s arched back -- seams won’t rub you when you’re hammering -- and the MicroSpitech fabric is amazingly diaphanous, perfect for even the hottest summer afternoon. The shorts feature Castelli’s legendary Progetto Y2K chamois, an option that normally drives the price on a set of bibs up to $159. Best of all, since you’re spreading the good word about Competitive Cyclist simply by wearing these clothes, we’ve priced them so you can get outfitted in top-notch Castelli at a 25% discount in comparison to non-team wear.

For the time being we can only take clothing orders via telephone, so please feel free to call us at 888-276-7130.

Click here to read more about Castelli fabrics.


Short Sleeve MicroSpitech Jersey, Full zip


Campio Short, Progetto Y2K Chamois


Campio Bib Short, Progetto Y2K Chamois


Long Sleeve MicroSpitech + Jersey, Full zip


Summer Gloves


Terital 0.4 Windvest


Windstopper Tornado Winter Jacket


Thermoflex Armwarmers