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Cervélo R3 SL delivery update

We can’t say it wasn’t expected: Cervélo bikes are proving to be the hottest item in the high-end bike market since the invention of the rear derailleur. It’s a continuation of what we saw in 2006 -- we’re hard-pressed to find another brand that matches their combination of lightness, stiffness, aerodynamics, durability, and style.

One great piece of news has been the delivery of Cervélo’s new-for 2007 colors and models. With only a few exceptions, we have every 2007 color and model in stock in almost all sizes. We’re still a bit touch-and-go on the availability of the Soloist Carbon SL thanks to the fact that (a) the demand has been enormous, and (b) production as a whole is quite limited on this model. Every week, though, we’ve been getting in additional Soloist Carbon SL’s. So in a few short weeks we should have all sizes covered.

Photo: 2007 Cervelo R3 SLThe only speed bump in delivery has been on the new-for-2007 R3 SL. We’ve only received a small handful of these. Wider availability is still a ways out, for reasons outlined by Cervélo in the following note --

‘First of all, we want to apologize. We know we promised an introduction date only to have this date pushed back. But rest assured, the R3 SL is coming, it is real and yes, it is spectacular.’

‘After revealing the prototypes at Eurobike and Interbike, our engineers decided they could do one better. Although those R3 SL prototypes were significantly lighter than the R3, we saw opportunities to tweak the weight, stiffness and comfort a little further. Additionally, we found re-design opportunities to generate additional weight savings through use of super light components. The key to this effort was a re-design of the seattube, which includes a new lay-up and a shape modification to allow for a reduced seatpost diameter of 27.2mm.’

‘This means that for those on a quest for the lightest possible bike, the R3 SL can be matched up with an AX-Lightness or similar seatpost for the ultimate lightweight ride.’

‘So, the good news is that the R3 SL is even better than when it was introduced to the public last fall. The bad news is that everybody has to wait a little longer to get one. This, of course, is an embarrassment of riches; the R3 SL is a frame for those convinced they need better than the frame that carried Carlos Sastre through three Grand Tours last year (the only rider in the peloton to complete the triple), a frame better than the 858 gram 58 cm mount that helped Fabian Cancellara dominate Paris-Roubaix. For those looking for immediate satisfaction, the R3 is arguably the most advanced frame on the market. For those willing to wait, we will start shipping the R3 SL in April, and hope to catch up with demand around June.’

End quote. Rest assured Competitive Cyclist has a truckload of R3 SL’s on order, which puts us in a position to deliver R3 SL’s in late April. Based on our extensive experience with the standard R3 and our first look at the R3 SL, we’re certain it’ll be worth the wait.