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Buy a Litespeed, Get Free Wheels

In recent weeks Litespeed has unveiled the details of what’s undoubtedly their most ambitious promotion ever: With the purchase of a complete Litespeed bike you get a free set of Real Design wheels. On a Dura-Ace equipped bike you get a free set of Real UltraSonic 40 clinchers, and with the purchase of an Ultegra-equipped bike you get a free set of Real UltraFly clinchers.

Some of you might be familiar with Real Design from the mid-1990’s. They were an up-and-coming aftermarket component manufacturer -- not unlike what FSA and Truvativ were just a few years ago. Just like FSA and Truvativ, they showed so much promise that outside leadership and capital came in to more aggressively grow the company, in this case the same parent company that purchased Litespeed and Merlin in the mid-90’s. As Litespeed and Merlin fine-honed their business models, the development of Real Design was put on the back burner for a bit. In the last two years, though, Real has bounced back with unprecedented momentum, and no single component is more symbolic of their dramatic re-entry into the retail marketplace than their wheelsets.

The UltraSonic 40 and the UltraFly are both race-quality wheelsets -- they’re lightweight, they’re aero, and they’re anything-but-fragile. In the framework of Litespeed’s promotion (which ends, by the way, on April 30), the free wheels have a huge impact on the cost of a new Litespeed. After you factor in the free wheels, the price of Dura-Ace equipped bikes drop $1199 -- that’s a 15%-20% reduction. Ultegra bikes have dropped in price by $550 -- a 10%-15% decrease in price.

For folks interested in a Campagnolo-equipped Litespeed, the price savings is equally dramatic. The only hitch is that at the moment Litespeed has no stock on Real Design wheels in a Campy freehub body. As such, we’re offering our own in-house version of Litespeed’s promotion: With the purchase of a complete Campy-equipped Litespeed, we’ll provide you with a free set of Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels. And if your preference is for a set of Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels, we’ll gladly provide them for the cost difference between Elites and SL’s: $325.00. An amazing deal by any standard!

One piece of fine print to avoid any confusion: We are honoring Litespeed’s free Real Design Wheelset promotion on the following frame models: Ghisallo, Vortex, Ultimate, Siena, and Tuscany. We cannot extend the program to other Litespeed models. Any other questions, feel free to email or call.