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Cooking From Skratch: Blackberry, Mint, and Chocolate Rice Cakes

Here is how I make these ultra-yummy sweet rice cakes — let me know how they work for you!

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5 Cups sushi rice, rinsed and cleaned

7.5 cups water

2.5 small boxes of Blackberries (you know the little square boxes from the supermarket)

1 box of fresh mint (yeah, almost the same little box from the supermarket but not square this time, more rectangular)

1 lemon

1/4-1/2 cup sugar (but I’m not really sure how much, because I just pour it on until it tastes good)

1 cup chocolate chips


Cook the rice, julienne the mint, squeeze the lemon on top of the mint in a large bowl and then add the sugar, mix the sugar, rice, mint and blackberries, take half of this mixture and press into the bottom of a cookie pan, put the choc chips on top of this layer, add the rest of the mixture on top of the now melting choc chips, cut and serve just like the video below!

To learn how to wrap your rice cakes, watch these videos:


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