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Cooking From Skratch: Bacon and Egg Rice Cakes

This is the classic rice cake originally developed by Skratch Labs founder, Allen Lim PhD. This sweet and savory portable has become an athlete favorite and remains one of our most popular recipes! Chef Biju takes you through all of the critical steps to making the perfect rice cakes.


– Bacon (as much as you’re comfortable with)

– Eggs (around four or five)

– Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (or soy sauce)

– Olive Oil

– Medium Grain Calrose Rice

– Brown Sugar

– Corse Sea Salt


– Get your rice going in the rice cooker. To make the perfect sticky rice, watch this video

– Crisp up your bacon and break into small pieces

– Scramble your eggs — you know how to do this

– While the rice is still hot, combine your eggs, bacon, and rice in a medium-sized mixing bowl.

– With a rice paddle, work your ingredients together and add your flavors and seasoning to taste

– Last, spread out the mixture into a pan of your choosing to cool

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