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A new addition: The Gruppo Calculator

While we had good intentions of sticking to the promise we made last week of providing you with a new product review every Friday, we got a little sidetracked this week as we put the final touches on an important new aspect to the Competitive Cyclist website: The Gruppo Calculator. You’ll see a new product review from us next Friday, but for now allow us to give you a quick overview of the Gruppo Calculator.

While we love nothing more than selling complete new bikes, we recognize that many of you already own gorgeous, once-in-a-lifetime framesets. Even with this frameset in hand, though, you still need components for it. Buying a gruppo or a whole kit is hardly a small investment, so we offer bulk pricing for such sizeable purchases when you place your order using our Gruppo Calculator.

Our Gruppo Calculator is identical to the Kit Calculator you’d use for a complete bike purchase with one exception: You won’t see a frame and fork in our Gruppo Calculator. It consists of componentry only. Just like our Kit Calculator, our Gruppo Calculator allows you pick and choose among hundreds and hundreds of component options. As you modify your choices, your cost and weight totals are instantly revised.

We subscribe to the common definition of a gruppo as consisting of the following components: Shift/Brake Levers, Rear Derailleur, Front Derailleur, Chain, Cassette, Crankset, Bottom Bracket, and Brake Calipers. In order to take advantage of the Gruppo Calculator’s bulk pricing, at a minimum you must purchase at least 6 of these 8 components. Provided you do this, you’ll receive bulk pricing on all of the componentry in your order.

You’ll find the Gruppo Calculator as the bottom selection under the ‘Components’ menu on the top of any of page.