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A Metric Ton Of Moxie

– A SRAM Red mystery lever seen on the pro cyclocross circuit:

SRAM Red mystery lever

And in looking at this not-so-mysterious SRAM Force lever, it’s easy to envision post-crash oil slicks all across the world’s cyclocross courses in the 2013-2014 season.

– Good writing and thoughtful thinking make tiresome topics worth revisiting. Dig deep into your suitcase of interest and read this one last article about l’affaire Tygart.

– Lance’s tweet frequency over the last month has been near-nil. But this weekend he came back with a metric ton of moxie. Titled ‘Back in Austin and just layin’ around’, the lighting in this image probably took hours to set up. And the focus — not Lance himself, but rather his jerseys on stage — reads like a giant extended middle finger to the army of haters out there. No surprise: He’s battered, but not broken.

– Speaking of dopage, I’ll crack open my supply of CERA this week. Let the cross-training begin.

This isn’t a snow sport. But contemplating snow sports, particularly ones that include using ‘$2,500 high-precision German rifles’ alight me with the same gear-frenzy I feel for beautifully-made bicycles.

Biathlon 1

Biathlon 2

– If winter sports aren’t on your November radar, then at least pass the time by following Alexandr Kolobnev on Instagram. No, not so you can dig up dirt on his sale of the 2010 Liege-Bastogne-Liege to Alexandr Vinokourov. (Apparently bribing your way to a Classic win costs only 30 percent of making a positive doping test disappear.)

Kolobnev’s photos are unremarkable in every way. The joy, rather, comes from his clumsy English commentary. It reads like some of the better crannies of the internet and is reminiscent of the America-obsessed Ukranian protagonist of the best novel I’ve read all year, ‘Everything is Illuminated’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. Put it on your short list. The book. And Kolobnev’s Instagram account.

Mustang fascination 1

Mustang fascination 2



Foer 1

Foer 2

Foer 3

– Is Wiggo scared to go toe-to-toe with Contador in le Tour in 2013? Fear. Toes. Is that just the stress talking? Why else would he target the Giro instead? I’m stumped.

– Cityscape, sideview and top view:

Cityscape, sideview

Cityscape, top view

– Los Angeles and environs, as brought to you by a publication called ‘The Yonder Journal’ in a piece called ‘The Ridge Route.’ They look like a good-humored gang, and they seemingly have good taste in bikes. I’d hang with them.

– Austin and environs, as brought you by a moderately well-known media company drink manufacturer called Red Bull. They look like a good-humored gang, and they seemingly have good taste in cars. I’d hang with them.

– Most recent favorite photo from 2012:

Gilbert, enough for today

– Most recent favorite photo from the 1980’s

Suntour Superbe Pro RD

– It’s human to take inspiration from others. The little known Spanish brand Berria Bike might also be tapping into that other bit of humanity, crossing the line between inspiration and plagirism. I’d suggest they change up their look just a bit, lest they get a testy letter from Morgan Hill.

Berria Bike 2

Berria Bike 1

Specialized 1

Specialized 2