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Jonathan Page: 24 Hours Till Hoogerheide

With 24 hours to go until the start of the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Hoogerheide, Jonathan Page was kind enough to set aside some time to give us a course preview, and to tell us about his preparations for the big day. Let’s hope for another podium! Go Page!

I headed up to Hoogerheide today! My wife, three kids, and myself were are all in the mobile home. After a brief stop in the scenic city of Gent to let the family off at my two oldest kids’ Chinese school, I was on my way.
 I was admittedly a little nervous about the logistics of getting in today (getting my number, credentials, parking pass, etc.), as well as what the course would look like. I am happy to report that both were excellent!

I pulled up into the parking area without needing any credentials—an unusual twist for Worlds. I headed out on the course between the junior and women’s races, and I’m more than happy with the parkour and conditions. It’s a difficult course that has ups and downs, winds through woods, has mud sections with the possibility for different lines, and some ride-ups that may or may not become run-ups. I did a good few laps, and it was necessary to clean my bike between laps to save my drivetrain. In other words, it’s the Hoogerheide course that I know and love.

After the pre-ride, I stopped to get my credentials, and that too was finished with ease. I said hello to a few people and then headed to Antwerp, a 15-minute’s drive away, to check into our hotel and to pick my family up at the nearby central station. I’m really excited to see what I can do tomorrow. I feel good, and I know that it’s my time to have things go my way! If you’re interested, here’s what I will be riding tomorrow:

Frame: FUJI Altamira 1.1CX
Components: Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical 11-speed, Shimano Pro saddles, bars, stem, and seatpost
Tires: Challenge Limus
Shoes: Shimano MTB
Helmet: Lazer Helium
Glasses: SPY Screw
pre- and post-race
Fuel: Clifbar Shot blocks, MOJO, Mango Recovery
Clothing Pre-race: Sommerville Sports
Clothing Race: Competitive Cyclist. I will wear a special skinsuit and socks in memory of Amy Dombroski—I wish she could have been here competing herself, rather than on our skinsuits, socks, and in our hearts. She will give me an extra boost tomorrow, that’s for sure!

I’m going to do my best no matter what. Whatever the outcome, I am very thankful to be here racing my bike! Thankful for my sponsors: Competitive Cyclist, FUJI, SPY, Shimano, Lazer, Challenge, Clifbar, and Sommerville Sports. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for my friends. Thankful for all of you who support me week in and week out! I have a lot of people to ride for tomorrow, which should make it easier! HOOGERHEIDE 2014!!!!!!