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2010 Fox and More

2010 Fox

Rumor has it we should have inventory on 2010 Fox Forx in just a few short weeks ~ Mid May. The line-up is loaded with options including a full selection of tapered steerer tubes, 15QR options for all 32-series forks including the F29, and a number of new remote lockout options. But the big story for 2010 Fox is the trickle down of the heralded FIT (Fox Isolated Technology) damper cartridges to most every fork they feature. As if Fox didn’t have the best damper on the planet already, they’ve raised their game yet again -- by isolating the oil from air, they’ve created a smoother system and one that doesn’t succumb to oil cavitation, fluid aeration or their ill effects. And, it shaves a reported 71g (RLC) or 67g (RL) from each of the 32-series forks.

With the introduction of new FIT dampers, the rebound adjustment on the fork moves to the bottom of the right fork leg, making it less prone to accidental adjustments. The RLC version also includes a lockout force adjust knob atop the right fork leg, allowing the rider to control the desired amount of blowoff when locked out. A bladder in each of the damper assemblies minimizes friction, allows for internal fluid volume changes, and works to maintain suspension consistency.

Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon

We’ve been struggling for months to keep up with demand for the 4.3 pound XC rocket, Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon, but we finally have open stock! We’ve got mediums and larges in either color scheme ready to ship at the time this is written.

Have you ever heard of Danny MacAskill?

Now you have. He consistently makes us feel like we’re still learning to ride our Green Machine in the driveway. Check it:

Is your dog a weight weenie?

This, from our friend Sky at Swobo.