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2004 Colnago & 2004 Campy update

After what felt like an epic wait, we’ve finally taken in our first shipment of 2004 Colnago frames. As of the moment the remainder of our open stock is nearly zero. Rest assured, though, that within 2-3 weeks we ought to have rather decent availability of the two frames everyone is so magnetized to -- the C50 HP and the CT2 HP.

Our first impressions? It’s been a long time since we’ve felt this much like a little kid in a candy store. These frames are simply breathtaking. Their beauty is beyond easy explanation. Most impressive is the PR color scheme that’s replaced the good ol’ TM class of colors. PR seems a bit less beholden to the whims of the man at the airbrush. Rather, its patterns seem to adhere to stricter shapes and forms. We like it a lot, and we think you will too.

If you’re certain you’d like either a C50 or a CT2, you might want to call us about backordering a frame -- especially if it’s a common size. Again, we’re hopeful that we’ll see open stock soon. But backordering is always the best way to guarantee that you’ll get the color you want in the size you want. Feel free to call or email for details of our backorder policy, or for any other reason.

On a related-but-different topic: 2004 Campy is still about 4 weeks away. While the ’04 groups look promising, we certainly have a large sect of customers who believe that 2003 Record and Chorus has a lot of bang-for-the-buck in comparison to their smartly-priced 2004 compatriots. We’re not here to advocate one side or the other in that argument. Rather, this is just a note to let everyone know that 2003 Campy (especially Record) is pretty much out of stock on the wholesale level. Our suppliers time their current-year high-end inventory to run out in late summer, and once again this year they’ve done so with uncanny precision. We have a decent, but quickly diminishing, supply of 2003 Campy. If you like what you see in regards to the ’03 gear, order a bike SOON before we run out because -- believe me -- we will run out soon.