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JulboAero REACTIV 1-3 Sunglasses


Item # JUL005G

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  • Blue/Blue/Pink, One Size ($219.95)
  • Dark Blue/Dark Blue-Light Red, One Size ($219.95)
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Item # JUL005G

Aero REACTIV 1-3 Sunglasses

Crafted for those who pursue demanding, high-speed activities, these sunglasses are uncompromising when it comes to performance and comfort. The photochromic lenses darken and lighten as ambient light conditions change to keep up with your varying surroundings, and the wide lenses offers extra coverage while the wind's whipping by your face.

  • Performance sunglasses for any and all of your active pursuits
  • Photochromic lens adjusts to changing light for any-day performance
  • Ample venting keeps the fogging down and helps you stay cool
  • Wide mono lens gives you total coverage while you're on the move
  • Nose and temple pads keep your shades from slipping or falling
  • Shock-absorber insert makes them lighter and more comfortable
  • Please see size chart for lens tint information

California Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Tech Specs
Lens[Blue/Blue/Pink] REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier (trivex), [Dark Blue/Dark Blue] REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast (trivex)
Interchangeable Lensyes
Nose/Temple Padsyes
Face Sizemedium
Base Curve[Blue/Blue/Pink] B6, [Dark Blue/Dark Blue] Shield 6
Frame Dimensions[lens/bridge/temple] 46 / 14 / 131mm
Manufacturer Warrantylifetime


Lens Tints

High Mountain 2 - 4


20 - 5% polarizing + anti-fog (internal) brown outstanding protection in the mountains from valley to summit mountain and high-mountain sports ⛅ to ☀️
2 - 4  

Performance 2 - 4


35 - 7% anti-fog (internal) + oil-repellent amber fast activation mountain sports ⛅ to ☀️

Nautic 2 - 3


32 - 9% polarizing + hydrophobic + oil-repellent grey clarity and water-repellent protection water sports ⛅ to ☀️
2 - 3 GLARE CONTROL All Around 2 - 3 20 - 9% polarizing + oil-repellent (external) vermilion, green everyday comfort multi-activity, daily life ⛅ to ☀️

Performance HC 1 - 3

Zebra Light Red

72 - 13% anti-fog + oil-repellent rose high-contrast vision nordic skiing & mountain biking 🌧️ to ☀️

Performance LA 1 - 3

Zebra Light

75 - 17% anti-fog + oil-repellent gold light amplifier trail running & cycling ☁️ to ☀️
0 - 3  

Performance 0 - 3


87 - 12% anti-fog (internal) clear translucent base cycling & night sports 🌙 to ☀️
4     5% anti-fog (internal) + anti-reflective brown

protection against blinding sunlight

baby protection

mountain and high-mountain sports ☀️
3 POLARIZED   12% polarizing amber, grey, green clear vision on the water or in the mountains multi-activities sea & mountain ☀️
3     13%   amber, grey versatility in sport and everyday life multi-activities & daily life ☀️
1     45%   purple protection against projectiles mountain biking ☁️
4     7% anti-reflective brown pure vision and high protection mountaineering ☀️
Makes water slide over the lens preventing hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules. Visibility is improved.
Prevents soiling and finger marks, makes water slide over the lens and cleaning easier.
Prevents condensation and guarantees maximum longevity.
Reduces eyestrain and eliminates interference glare.
Glare Control:
  • 79% polarized lens
  • anti-glare
  • daily visual comfort
  • compatible with electronic screen reading

Exclusive Julbo technology offering a low polarization filter to eliminate 79% of glare in sunny weather. It provides optimal viewing comfort for versatile use.

  • 99% polarized lens
  • anti-glare
  • outstanding protection
  • intensified colors

Polarization provides the highest sun protection by blocking out the majority of glare. Reading of contrast and relief is improved. And colors are also intensified for accurate vision even in bright sunlight.

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5


I've used it several times
True to size

Take a look at a pic of an alpinist atop a sick line in the mountains, and chances are they are wearing Julbo eyewear. When poor glasses may mean seared retinas and snow blindness that jeopardizes your life, Julbo is what you pick. This pair of Zebra lights I bought complement two pair of Smiths (casual and sport), two Oakleys (casual) and another pair of Julbos (for mountaineering). I had been wearing Oakleys for as long as Oakley has existed, but started to feel they were putting fashion above function. These Julbos replaced a pair of excellent Asssos specs I sadly lost on a ride. Their optics are second to none. Combined with their light weight and comfortable frame, I forget I have them on. The ear stems are straight, so bear that in mind when considering helmet compatibility. The lenses are indeed light. I read a professional review that said they were dark enough to wear in SoCal, so I was surprised to see the lens appear completely transparent when I pulled them from the dark box. As a former AZ resident I am a bit skeptical about the Zebra light lenses ability to darken enough for truly brutal equator sunlight, they are really excellent for New England, where trees often shade the roads substantially. On fully sunny routes, these have been more than dark enough to keep my sensitive eyes comfortable, while still maintaining a vivid field of view. And they transition to nearly clear when the sky gets dark if I am out after dusk. (I expect this will work great for mountain biking, for that reason.) These also provide some welcome venting for the eyes, helping to mitigate sweat, which is very welcome.

Killer review! Thanks!

>Rating: 5

Lightweight and versatile

I've put it through the wringer

I've had these glasses for almost three years and they're my go-to glasses for most outdoor activities. I've used them running, mountain biking, rollerskiing, hiking, and cross-country skiing (including racing). They're perfect for varying light conditions and I tend to use them even on completely sunny days as they get dark enough for my eyes. The only time they haven't been dark enough was skiing on a glacier in full sun. They're perfect for early morning or late evening activities as the lenses will shift with the light. They're also great for activities where you're passing in and out of the tree line. They're quite lightweight and sometimes I forget I'm even wearing them. They stay put on face for all activities except aggressive double poling (on cross-country skis) which causes them to start sliding down my nose. They stay put double poling on rollerskis because my helmet straps keeps the temples in place. As far as I'm concerned that is the only downside to these glasses, but I have quite a small head so it's not an issue for most folks.

>Rating: 5

Best running glasses for me yet

I've used it several times

I've had these for about a month, running every day. They are light, no pressure spots, no bouncing, no slipping down the nose. Mine have the Zebra red light lenses, and I prefer the gentle red tint to the zebra light's yellow tint. It reminds me of classic ski goggles, but more subtle. The photochromic feature actually works. I can wear these in full shade to bright sunlight. They look a little techy, not bad at all by sport glasses standards, but a little much for just hanging out. They are really excellent for running and skiing.


Are these an Asian fit model?

>Rating: 2

Julbo garbage

I've put it through the wringer

I have been an Oakley guy for years. My Oakley half jackets got stolen out of my car one day and I made the error of buying these french made pieces of garbage because I wanted the transition lenses. The lense was ok, but too dark. Transitions from dark to too dark (and I live in Utah). But the worst thing is they just slide right off my face. The number of times I almost crashed from taking a hand off the handle bar to hold these glasses on my face is embarrasing! Luckily I didn't get injured! I had to get the beater strap to hold them on. Well that problem is now resolved because I saw the light and plopped down for some Oakley radar lock with the trail prism lens. Thank you Jesus for Oakley. Now I got HD vision and glued on glasses. I will never stray again! Lesson learned! PS, got some style glasses from Smith and I really like them, but can't comment on Smith sport glasses. If you're running or riding a bike, Oakley is the only game in town.

Hey Nick, sorry you had such a hard time with the Aero sunglasses fit. We do have several other models that would likely fit better and we're happy to swap out your old Aero sunglasses for something that would fit better. Bummer to hear this in the comments as we do try and talk with customers on what fits best for them. Not all faces are equal in size so that's why we try and chat with customers on sizing as much as possible. Let us know how was can help if you'd like:

>Rating: 5

They're okay...

I've put it through the wringer

9.27.2017 Update I'm begrudgingly changing my rating of these glasses. After a few months of trying to find the right pair I've realize these Julbos have become the benchmark for everything else. Their weight has to be half that of the closest competitor, and the photochromic contrast enhancing lense is far beyond any technology Smith or Oakley currently has on the market. You really have to think to remember these are on your head, they really are that light and stable. They stay in place and don't move around while running or under agressive terrain on a bike. The Cons. They are still awful to clean, mostly the face side of the lense that has been treated with some kind of antifog coating. I recently tried a pair of Ryder's, which had a similar coating but was marginally easier to clean. They could have a slightly darker tint range. There have been a few situations where the darkest tint hasn't quite been enough. Alternatively, the lightest tint range I've worn till well past sunset before feeling like I should take them off. Overall... I've returned numerous pairs of sunglasses this summer, except the Julbos and a new pair of Ryder's. Give them a go, just be prepared to have to clean them constantly if you're a stickler for clean lenses. Original review below.... They're light, very light. They stay put on your face. You never really notice them, they are just there doing their thing. The Zebra Light Red has fantastic contrast and the photochromatic feature works flawlessly. But... The frame feels cheap, really cheap. They creak and make all kinds of noises. The material looks and feels cheap. The overall fit and finish doesn't compare to brands like Oakley, Ray Ban, Maui Jim or Costa even at a lesser price point. While the photochromatic feature is amazing, the optics overall are sub par. The lens material is impossible to get really clean, especially after a day of sweat and dirt. Using any type of cleaner microfiber leaves some kind of smudge or lint. Even if you can manage to get them spotless, like when you take them out of the box for the first time, the material used for the lense does not have the clarity that brands like Oakley, Maui Jim or Costa have. To add insult to injury, apparently whatever chemical is used in the photochromatic lense is on a warning list in the state of California for causing birth defects. Take that with a grain of salt of course, but it's worth pointing out that Oakley's photochromatic lense is not on that list. At $200, I would recommend you not spend your money here and try one of the other amazing options from Smith, Oakley, or nearly anyone other than Julbo.

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

These are awesome. With the sun going down at 5 pm now days, I'm finishing my rides when the sun's down. I don't take these things off. Super light and comfortable. JULBO

>Rating: 5

Julbo Aero Sunglasses - Zebra

I've put it through the wringer

The Julbo Aero is quickly turning into my favorite trail running sunglass. I can be dripping with sweat and with all the ventilation these will not fog . They are super light and stay securely in place on your face. The Zebra lenses are great for clarity and change relatively quick. If you are biking or running in and out of tree cover you will love these lenses. Really solid pair of sunglasses you will not be disappointed. ( I would say Med to large fit)

>Rating: 4

Light and Fast

True to size

I have the white frames with the Zebra Light lenses and they are top quality. Very comfortable (hardly notice I'm wearing them), "breathe" well due to vented construction (don't get sweaty eyes/face), and the lenses are fantastic. While the actual tint of the lenses is a bit too light for me (I prefer a darker tint), the clarity is astounding. I've worn Oakley polarized and Smith polarized and Chromapop, but these shades have the best lenses I've used. The lenses are Julbo NXT lenses which means they are photochromic and change tint in response to varying light conditions you encounter. It's slow enough that you won't notice it, but you'll realize you've had your shades on all day through different conditions and not had any issues. Aside from the lenses, these glasses are LIGHT. They weigh nothing but still have a super comfortable and adjustable nose piece, as well as comfy wings that don't grab your hair. Great for hiking/running through trees, I also use them for mountain biking. They'd be great for road riding on days that aren't blindingly sunny. Contact me directly for help with Julbo shades or questions such as: - What makes Julbo unique? - What's the difference between all their different lenses? - Which glasses are right for me? Ben

I'm looking for a pair of road cycling glasses. I have a small face so it makes it harder to find a good non fog comfy pair. Suggestions?

Hi Beverly, I'd look at the Julbo Breeze. Super flexible and comfy. Ben

Wondering if any of the Julbo Photochromatic lenses for the Aero have a brown base tint?

>Rating: 5

Ultimate running glass

I've used it several times
True to size

These are so light on the head, I frequently forget I'm even wearing them. No bounce or feeling of weight as I run trails. I use the Zebra Light version - love how that lens constantly changes to meet the light conditions.