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HEDJet 6 Plus Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Item # HED000M

Don't get too bummed. This item is on the way and will be available for purchase as soon as it rolls into the warehouse.

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Jet 6 Plus Carbon Road Wheelset

Wheels of the deep-dish — greater than 50mm — variety excel on flat courses, but very often we find ourselves on courses riddled with hills. Now, if they were just long drawn out grades, then any deep-dish would do. But all too often, they are of the brutal switchback variety where drafting is quickly negated. The HED Jet 6 Plus Clincher is a wheelset for the switchbacks. It's a dangerous cliche to say that the Jet 6 is a 'one-quiver' wheel, but that's exactly how HED designed it. It's heavier than a traditional climbing wheelset, but for most moderate hills, it's still more efficient and inherently faster.

Over the past 26 years of engineering wheels, Steve Hed's end goal remains the same: simply make them as fast as possible. So, it's almost a given that HED aerodynamics are superb. However, what you might not know is that these wheels' aerodynamics are equally matched by their low rolling resistance. We have HED's C2 rim concept concept to thank for this. Essentially, C2 is about reduction of the two C's — less Cda (aerodynamic drag) and less Crr (rolling resistance). Accordingly, a 25mm rim width makes this possible, and is mainly responsible for the wider-is-better campaign that's been replicated throughout the market. But, you're certainly wondering, why wider? Well, the width provides what can be described as an 'aero shroud' for the rest of the wheel. This also changes the nature of the tire's contact patch with the road.

However, HED also knows that faster speeds require a heightened sense of control. This becomes evident through HED testing, as it found that rim depths which cross the forty or fifty-millimeter threshold grow increasingly more difficult to handle in crosswinds. So, HED engineered a solution that it calls Stability Control Technology, or SCT. In regards to the wheel shape, at 0-15 degree yaw angles, SCT reduces the force put on the wheels by side winds. This makes the Jet 6's 60mm depth handle more like a 30 or 40mm deep wheel in crosswinds.

HED laces the rims to its Sonic hubs, which feature silky ABEC5 bearings on oversized axles — 12mm in front and 15mm in rear. Oversized axles flex less, resulting in smoother bearing loads and less mechanical drag. And its not only the axle that received a bigger-is-better treatment, as the hub flanges are spaced as wide apart as possible in order to create a stronger bracing angle. And again, this results in increased lateral stiffness.

Easing the maintenance to the rear hub, HED included a grease port and carbon port cap. True, it's a subtle convenience, but rejoice that this capped port ensures that you'll no longer need to rebuild your rear hub after repeated washings.

As we mentioned, the fairing is bonded to the rim, which means that the spokes engage at the rim rather than at the end of the fairing. The result is not only an increase to aerodynamics, as there are no exposed nipples, but also to an increase in lateral strength. However, like all wheels, there are nipples, and for them, HED used Sapim hex-headed aluminum nipples. These are treated with a light thread-locking compound and are accessed from inside the rim. They anchor the venerable Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The 18 front spokes are straight-pull, while the 24 rear spokes are J-bend for both sides.

At the rear, you'll notice a two-cross lacing pattern on both sides. HED did this for a simple reason — with ever-stiffer frames, the force of stomping on the pedals was increasing force on the wheels, which has in turn reduced mechanical efficiency. To counteract these forces, HED stiffened up the rear wheel so that no power would be lost to wheel flexing, thus putting more power into driving the bike forward.

The HED Jet 6 Clincher Wheelset is available with either a Campagnolo or Shimano compatible freehub body. Please note that both freehub bodies accept 11-speed cassettes, and that they're easily swapped out with two 5mm hex keys. The wheels come with HED steel-shafted skewers, valve extenders, and rim strips. Also worth mention is that HED does NOT recommend these wheels for riders exceeding 190lbs.

  • A deep section wheel for speed that doesn't sacrifice braking
  • Aluminum braking surface handles the heat and rain better
  • Generous internal width improves traction and comfort
  • A dedicated carbon fairing boosts aerodynamics
  • Clincher profile for racing and training needs
  • HED continues to advance the development of aerodynamic wheelsets

Tech Specs
Rim Materialaluminum, [foil] carbon fiber
Tire Typeclincher
Rim Depth60 mm
Rim Width25 mm
Brake Compatibilitycaliper
HubsHED Sonic
Skewersincluded, steel
SpokesSapim CX-Ray
Spoke Count18 / 24
Recommended Useroad cycling, cyclecross
Manufacturer Warranty2 years

Claimed Weight

Claimed weights are provided by the vendor.

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[front] 724 g, [rear] 936 g, [complete set] 1660 g

Actual weights are measured in-house by the Competitive Cyclist team.

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>Rating: 3

Wheels are 5 star, Tubeless setup is 1

I've put it through the wringer

Great wheels, they look great and the brake feel is better than other high-end aluminum rims I've owned. Some shakiness in crosswinds - typically over 40mph and 15+ mph winds but not bad at all. There is a major downside however. The tubeless setup is pretty rough. I've installed 2 sets of tires so far myself. I've watched the HED video, and have been using tubeless road since 2014 with no experience quite like this. First time, I sent these to my bike shop asking if I was doing something wrong. They called back saying they were throwing in the towel. Another bike shop told me HED Plus rims were known to them as some of the hardest for installing TL, and the fairings make it harder yet, as it's a challenge to get leverage without damaging them. I got a set of Schwalbe Pro Ones installed myself. Tried again with Vittoria Rubino TL after running through the Schwalbes. Those were a little better but still excessively hard. Conti 5000s were a no-go. Enquired about a refund, Kyle with BC was super cool about it, but I decided to keep them. I love the rims, and tubeless means I won't have to change too frequently. Will continue to try new tire combos until I find something that works. Would recommend based on the fact that these rims are awesome, but only to people who are ready for a battle or are prepared to torture their LBS mechs instead.

Was all of this TL trouble with the model of these rims that would have been out prior to 2016? Trying to figure out if the set of these that I have can be set up tubeless. They look like they could if rim tape was adding but I am honestly not sure if that’s just the newer models. Mine came with a 2016 Cervelo.

>Rating: 5

Still going strong!!

I've put it through the wringer
True to size
6` 2"
198 lbs

My wife bought these for me as a gift on my 30th birthday in 2016. 4 years later these wheels are still going strong! Have never had any issues of any sort with these. I even changed my bike and opted for a non disc one because I did not want to get rid of the wheels! I ride 23mm Conti 5000 (previously 4000sii) and 25mm on the back. These were the recommended withs from HED. Very responsive, awesome breaking, great aerodynamics in headwinds, no stability or control issues in crosswinds. They even climb great!


I just recently bought these and have been very happy with them. I have approximately 500 miles on them and just had my first broken spoke on the rear wheel though, during a turn, which is slightly concerning for the price I paid and the low mileage. Question is, what are the specs of the spokes? All I have from the website is name Sapim CX ray. Length, neck and nipple type would be appreciated. Thank you!


I've read that the fairing/airfoil on these wheels is too structurally weak to clamp down on a bike rack. My bike rack uses wheel straps for stability although most of the holding is via an overhead arm that clamps down on the front tire. Any thoughts on this? Thank you.

Hi Evan, HED does warn not to hang bikes by these wheels or even clamp them tightly in a roof rack. Though I have heard of people hanging these on hooks and using them with roof and hitch racks, but I would still suggest being gentle when doing so. Let me know if I can help set up an order for you at mbova@backcountry.com Cheers, Mike


Pricing Structure Hi, on pricing structure it looks as a bargain @44%. Somehow HED has the same price of $899 as standard which is confusing (JET RC PLUS SERIES RC6 (60mm)18RC6 (60mm)24Shimano). R these same products? Wouldn't be a bargain if its so. Thanks

>Rating: 5

vast improvement over stock

I've put it through the wringer

Great improvement over the wheels that came with my bike without costing more than I paid for the bike. Instantly noticed a different with these wheels. My stock wheels were pretty standard and nothing special, but the difference going to the HED wheels was immediately noticeable all-around. These wheels roll better, are more comfortable, and engage quicker. The aero benefits are more noticeable than I imagined they would be.


Hi. The Skewers in description from steel and other vendors have same whellset with titanium. It's wrong description? Thanks.

They come with steel skewers because of the sale price, bummer, I still bought them though.


Will they fit a 2019 Orbea Orca M30?

>Rating: 5

Great Wheels at a Great Price!

Have used this wheels for more than a year and love them, very stiff, light and high quality, not easy to find at this price!


Hello, I have 30mm’s of clearance on the rear of my Kestral Legend between the frame. Will the rim width of these (25mm) give me a safe enough tolerance either side of the rim? Thanks

Depends on what tire you're running.

>Rating: 5

Great wheels

I've used it several times

My specialized tarmac pro's wheels cracked so I bought these to replace with Continental 4000 tubeless and they are smoking fast! KOMs that I've tried multiple times are coming easy for me! It made my bike feel like a brand new machine! I've had them for about 6 weeks now.


will these fit on an argon 18 e-117 tri with 25 mm tires? E-117 has a maximum rim sizeof 27mm so seems ok, but would like to confirm.

I have 25mm tires on mine and they spread to at least a 28mm.


Can I hang the bike from ceiling hooks on these? and what width tire would you recommend? Moots, Vamoots CR

No they say not to hang it

No. The carbon isn’t stiff by flexible on the aluminum hoop.

>Rating: 5

Smokin' wheelset...

I've put it through the wringer

I bought the white lettered 6+ here about 3 years ago for $800! The black lettered ones had just come out. Since then, I have 6,000 miles on them. Not one single issue, maintained through a bike shop only once. I run attack/force on them- the HED technician said this was the fastest aero wheelset. They are 22 and 23mm, but on the 6+ rim, they are 27 mm wide. They are smokin' fast. Easily add 10% to flat road speed. I'm mid 40s, and 190 lbs (so max rated), ASCENTS: I can't climb like I used to, but I am still ok... DESCENTS: I own every KOM locally , from 30 km HC runs to 500m declines. I have touched 61 mph on these wheels- on a 12% grade without turns stretched over a mile. Regularly I am over 50 mph... CROSSWINDS: what crosswinds? I never get blown around. Maybe it's because I'm a heavier rider... I can't imaging buying anything else...

Sounds awesome, I purchased these last week and will receive them today, I really hope they live up to Your hype... ✌🏼 Update- 08/5/20, I truly love these rims, especially on descents and flats, the difference is noticable, these hub's just flow... Happy with the purchase.


Is is safe to transport a bike with these wheels via a rail style rack, like the Rocky Mounts MonoRail?

yes. just fine. don't crank down too hard on the strap for the rear wheel, but totally fine otherwise


Will these work with my Cervelo P5? anything special i need to make them compatible? thx

They will work perfectly. Nothing special required.

>Rating: 5

Great wheels for the money

I've put it through the wringer

If you are looking for any affordable aero wheelset that wont completely break the bank, I would strongly recommend the Hed Jet 6 Plus. The aluminum brake track does not compromise braking performance like you get with some carbon wheels. The 60mm depth cuts thru the wind like a champ and the weight penalty for the aluminum rim in minimal. I run these on my tri bike with 25mm contis and have been extremely satisfied.

>Rating: 4

aero and stiff with dependable braking

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I got a couple rides in on a demo set of these wheels and have initial impressions to share. This is an aluminum rim with a thin fairing over the structural portion of the rim. You can squeeze the fairing with your hand because of how thin it is. I mention this because some customers have called in, surprised about it. The wheel itself is stiffer than I'd anticipated, and the aero benefits are noticeable. As is always the case with HED, the quality and construction are solid. Considering the depth and the benefit of aluminum braking, as opposed to a carbon brake track that you'd typically find on a wheel of this depth, the claimed weight of 1,760 grams is reasonable. I would recommend this wheelset to anyone looking for a superbly dependable, aero, stiff wheelset that comes with the safety and dependability of an aluminum braking track.


are these compatible with a 2012 BMC TimeMachine TM02? Thanks!


Is this compatible with a Cervelo P2?

Hi Yvette - that wheel will definitely work in that bike. Great deep dish wheel especially if you got some hills. I cant find any info from Cervelo about max tire clearance - but these wheels would run best with a 25-28 tire to make sure the profile was optimized. Nate (natsimpson@competitivecyclist.com)

They are compatible with my P3, though you need to run 23mm tires (I run Continentals). I would suspect the clearance on your P2 is similar. They will not work with 25mm tires due to tire radius not width. Hope this helps! - John

I have these on my 2013 P2 but use 23mm tires. Had to tweak the brake pad mounts a bit. Took out the stock washers and fashioned thinner ones to allow clearance.