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Fuji Bicycles

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    About Fuji Bicycles

    There's simply no denying that the heritage of Fuji Bicycles puts the iconic brand in a class of its own. Both its name and its logo were inspired by Japan's Mount Fuji, a symbol of strength and endurance. One of cycling's longest-standing brands, Fuji traces its roots back to 1899; in the century since, Fuji has built bikes ranging from utilitarian commuters to thoroughbred race machines that have topped podiums at the sport's highest levels.

    Fuji's earliest bikes were built to be simple and durable, making them perfect tools for transporting Japan's working class. That function-driven approach informed the development of Fuji's road bikes, which were built to provide an advantage to racers competing in the bourgeoning Japanese road racing scene of the 1930s. At this point the stage was set, and Fuji continued to build on its success, building bikes tailored for the needs of Olympians, professional racers, and everyman.

    Today, Fuji manufactures a complete range of road, time trial, triathlon, mountain, and cyclocross bikes. Whatever your needs, odds are that there is a Fuji model that fits the bill, and you can ride it proudly knowing that it's backed by over one hundred years of unwavering dedication to the needs of cyclists the world over.