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About FOX Racing Shox

FOX Racing Shox was built on passion. It started in 1974 when Bob Fox, a competitive amateur motocross racer, realized that he could build a better suspension unit than what was available at the time. It may look crude in comparison to today's refined units, but the original FOX AirShox was a revolution in the making. It used compressed air as a spring, as opposed to the coil sprung shocks of the day. The FOX unit was more adjustable, and perhaps surprisingly, more dependable, and by the end of the '70s, FOX had racked up a seriously impressive list of results, including a 500cc Grand Prix overall championship.

Fast -forward to the early '90s, and the mountain bike suspension revolution. FOX once again raised the bar with its ALP air shock, which like its ancestors was lightweight, adjustable, and dependable. The advancement continued throughout the decade, but it was the 2001 arrival of the first FOX FORX that forever cemented FOX's status as a leader in all things bicycle suspension. That lightweight, stiff, and oh-so-smooth suspension fork reinvigorated the bicycle industry, and gave us a taste of what was to come.

Today, FOX forks are a common sight at the trailhead, and make regular podium appearances both at local races and at the highest levels of competition. From the air-sprung FLOAT forks and shocks, to the travel-adjustable TALAS forks, there's an option for nearly any rider. And with forks like the feathery 32, the trail rider's favorite 34 series, the burly 36 series, and the World Championship-winning 40 downhill fork, there's really no application where FOX forks and shocks don't excel. Technologies like the FIT sealed damper technology have pushed the reliability of these forks to new heights, while concepts like the CTD adjustment scheme simplify suspension setup, bringing high-performance handling to more riders. But if you think you've seen it all, just wait. If we've learned anything, it's that the team in Watsonville always have something new up their sleeves, and when the world sees what's next, odds are good that the rest of the industry will be left scrambling to catch up.