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ContinentalGrand Prix 5000 Tire - Clincher
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Item # CON005O

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  • Black, 23mm, Black Chili ($49.99)
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Item # CON005O

Grand Prix 5000 Tire

The all-new Grand Prix 5000 Tire from Continental is a worthy successor to its Grand Prix 4000 S II, a tire that stood atop its road clincher tire range for a dozen or so years and a favorite among cyclists worldwide. What made the GP4000 so universally loved was that it was truly a competition worthy tire in terms of weight, grip, and rolling resistance, but unlike typical racing rubber, the tire was actually durable enough to fend off debris so you could train on it daily, while also lasting quite a while so you could rack up some miles before the threads began to show. As one of the world's largest tire manufactures, Continental has a host of technologies and compounds it can lean on giving it the ability to build the highest quality tires, hell the majority of the pro peloton rolls on them, and while we weren’t quite sure how Conti is able to create a road tire that's significantly faster, more comfortable, and less prone to flat than its previous version, somehow it did.

We'll start with its rubber compound as it continues to use Black Chili balance. The rubber compound is critical because it defines the tire's grip, rolling resistance, and longevity. Typically, you can't alter one without it affecting the other which is exactly where Black Chili shines. Using the latest knowledge of polymers and raw material research, Conti uses special synthetic rubbers along with proven natural rubber, creating a high-performance mixture. To it, it adds super-tiny carbon black particles, optimized in shape and surface properties. The complex compound technology is so exclusive that Conti only manufactures tires using Black Chili compound in its Korbach, Germany plant. The tiny size of Black Chili particles allows them to mold to variable road surfaces more readily. It gives the tire greater ability to conform to imperfections in the road surface for excellent grip in demanding situations, such as high-speed cornering, while also reducing rolling resistance. Since the Black Chili particles are so small, more particles fit into the contact patch of the tire, reducing wear and increasing longevity.

Another returning element from the GP4000 is its Vectran technology right under the tread to boost puncture protection. Vectran is a synthetically manufactured liquid-crystalline polymer fiber that's not unlike spider silk, that gram for gram is stronger than steel. To create it, Conti spins the melted liquid polymer Vectra and processes it further into a multi-strand thread where it enjoys tremendous tear resistance at a very low weight, an ideal puncture protection breaker for a high-performance road tire as it's lighter, more flexible (the key to not affecting rolling resistance), and better protects against cuts than a comparable nylon breaker.

What is brand new on this tire is its Active Comfort Technology. Continental doesn't go into great detail here other than mentioning that it's embedded in the tire construction and helps to absorb vibrations thus leading to a smoother ride. The other new bit of technology is Lazer Grip where it uses a laser to etch a micro profile that extends over the tire’s shoulder for next-level cornering confidence.

  • A clincher racing tire that you can train on
  • Black Chili compound reduces rolling resistance and increases grip and mileage
  • Active Comfort Technology lessens vibrations for a smoother ride
  • Vectran breaker technology reduces puncture risk
  • Lazer Grip etching improves cornering traction
  • Conti's GP5000 ushers in a new era of road clincher tire dominance
Tech SpecsWeight
Tech Specs
Black Chili
700c x 23mm, 700c x 25mm, 700c x 28mm, 700c x 32mm
Vectran breaker
[700c x 23mm] 110-120, [700c x 25mm] 95-120, [700c x 28mm] 95-115, [700c x 32mm] 85-100
Recommended Use
road cycling, triathlon
Manufacturer Warranty

Actual Weight

Actual weights are measured in-house by the Competitive Cyclist team.

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Black, 23mm, Black Chili
Black, 25mm, Black Chili
Black, 28mm, Black Chili
Black, 32mm, Black Chili

Claimed Weight

Claimed weights are provided by the vendor.

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[700c x 23mm] 205g, [700c x 25mm] 220g, [700c x 28mm] 250g, [700c x 32mm] 295g

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  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Ran Conti 4000 II’s and Vittoria Corsa G’s (both in 28mm) for several years. They have superior ride, performance qualities, the the least rolling resistance in the business. But all of those were completely offset after less than 2000 miles when the 5000’s proved to be too flat prone. When my confidence is gone so are tires. I’m 6, 1’, 190. The 28mm 5000’s we’re mounted on a set of Enve 4.5’s on a Pinarello K10 run at 75 - 77 psi.

I was excited to get the 5000’s. Definitely the fastest tire I’ve run and a top performer. Unfortunately those were totally killed off by their lack of puncture resistance and multiple flats. 3 sets of Conti 4000 II’s 28mm run at the same pressure never had this issue. Two sets of a Vittoria Corsa G’s never had this issue. As well as the 5000’s performed the excessive flats completely killed my confidence in them. I won’t buy another set until Continental figures out a way to rectify this. For the money it’s inexcusable. I recommended you don’t buy them either for the same reasons.

Good tires / not very supple

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I use these for their good durability and grip. I do find them strangely 'hard' and often think I've run over something or am having a flat due to this harshness.. I normally ride on tubulars (Vittoria and Veloflex) so I'm spoiled for ride quality and road feel. But these are also not even as supple as Vittoria clinchers .. Still I like the no-flats and long-life factors, so continue to use them on daily training where performance isn't really the main issue. If you're looking for finesse and a true race-day tire, and feeling connected to the road, go with Vittis or Velos.

I agree. My 5000’s were very flat prone. Went back to the Corsa G’s.

Great tires

    These are low rolling resistance tires with great grip and puncture resistance. And they last long for a lightweight racing tire ihave used these for a couple years with excellent experience.

    My friend Loved Them

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I got this for a friend. He loves the Contis! He has tried other tires, but these are by far the most flat-resistant and longest lasting tires out there he says. The new 5000s provide a very, very good ride and should last for thousands of miles.

    Bring back the 4000

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Fast tire, but otherwise a big step down from the 4000. Tire completely squared off after 500 miles. I used to get 3,000 miles out of the 4000’s. This has gone from a great all around road tire, to a race day only tire.

    Thanks, I have heard that from a few people. I stocked up on the 4000s whenever they are on super sale. I have about a dozen in my garage.

    Great so far

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I run these or Vittoria Corsa G's. They seem better made than the Vittoria's where I literally peeled off the tread from the tube the other day.

    terrible sidewall strength

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    bought two sets a few months ago. Two tires have sidewall tears already, each less than 500mi. The tops are wearing quickly too.
    It could be shitty western PA roads, but still.
    I wanted to love these but I'll have to switch to something else.

    Great Tire

      Had to buy these in a jam (long story) when there were no GP 4000's available. I put them on my HED Jet 6 Plus wheels and rode them for a few days and they felt so good I raced them on the Salt Lake Downtown Crit which was a rough, technical course. They were supple and smooth and very stable. I weigh 185 lbs and ran / run them at 81 pounds rear and 79 pounds front. It has been a month since then and I have had no problems in 1000 miles. I am very confident on them and they do not seem to be as susceptible to side-wall cuts as the 4000s are.

      Sidewall split... walk home event

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      Excited to try the new 5000 (25mm) tires on my Rolf Prima wheel set. Great feel and fast... last 8 years I have been on the 4000/4000ii, and these were easy to install - my new fav tire... until they were not.

      Yesterday, 40 miles in, at the turn I had a front flat... smooth pavement (110 lbs, 205 rider weight). I changed the tube - hole was easy to find - no wire on the inside of the tire... odd, no pinch impact. Was about to start start back and saw the grape - sidewall failure. In 10 years of IM training I have had lots of flats... but never a sidewall failure. With a number of long/fast descents I called for a ride... sure, could have deflated and put a gu wrapper to the inside... but why risk it... it was a training ride. Disappointed <200 miles on the tire... I expected better.

      Sidewall split... walk home event

      Hi Leo, that doesn't look good, would definitely have a talk to Conti about that. I'm similar weight (210#), I'm running the 28C's on Zipp 404's at 98-100 psi. I have hammered the crap out of these for ~3,000 km so far, including chip seal, short gravel sections, lot's of back roads, highway shoulders littered with junk at racing speeds, and some serious high speed mountain descents and I've not experienced anything like that. In fact I've found mine to be more cut/nick resistant than the Schwable Ones that have been my standard for years.

      wow, that's impressive. I wonder it was a defective tire to begin with.

      New "Go To" Tire for Training & Racing

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've been a Schwalbe fan for years and a Schwalbe One Clincher fan in particular in both 25C & 28C. After reading a lot of reviews I decided to give the Continental GP 5000's a go despite the fact that I had some bad experiences with some gravel kings a few years back. Back to back on the same bike, wheels, tubes, pressures the GP5000 28C's are marginally faster over my well traveled training routes and they do in fact feel more "supple" vs. the Schwalbe One. After about 2,000 km of training rides over my usual routes they are showing no more/less wear vs. typical for the Ones and the cut/nick resistance seems to be better. I typically wash my tires after every ride (seldom <70km) and inspect and superglue any nicks/cuts before my next ride so I'm pretty rigorous on inspection and I do think these are less damage prone. I have had one flat doing a 135km ride on Mt. St. Helens, puncture on a sharp bit of debris but this was simply bad luck and would have punctured most anything I believe.

      From a handling perspective they inspire confidence, every bit as good if not better in cornering and braking vs. the One. I'm an aggressive descender and at 190cm, 95kg I really push cornering/braking limits and find the GP5000 grippy and predictable. I've not done a lot of riding with them in the wet but what I have done has been "no drama". Very impressed with these really and have already bought another set in 25C for another set of wheels. Highly recommended.

      1000 more

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I've ridden the conti 4000 series for quite a long time now. I've tried some other tires but have always come back, they are/were a great tire. I've only put a few hundred miles on the new 5000's and so far I do feel a difference, although very small. Very smooth ride for a clincher, as always, but super nice on the new version. Protection has been excellent but we'll see what a summer of riding brings. I'd expect them to be great, I expect a lot from conti now, they've set the bar high.


      Can you confirm, or deny, the slight change to the 5000s "profile"? Im running into clearance issues with 25C tires. Im running 4000IIs and they come close to rubbing the top arch of my SRAM Red brakes. If I open the calipers a bit on a climb, or if the pads are new and the calipers need to be wider, the top of the tire will rub against the caliper. My LBS said the 5000s are designed to not be as tall as the 4000s. Any ideas?

      Howie, I don't know if you purchased these tires, but it's been confirmed that these run more true to size than the 4kIIs. I have a set of the 4KII 28mm tires and they are at about 32mm on my wheels. I'm about to go with the 5k 28mm. Did you buy the tires and if so, what did measure out to? Thanks...

      The best got better

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      These are a nicer more supple road feel compared to the 4000's II's with more cut resistance. Ive logged about 400 miles here in NH so far this spring. The roads have debris everywhere. On my 4000 II's I would have had a couple small cuts or nicks here and there. Nothing of concern but I would find something. I just inspected both tires closely this morning on the new 5000's. After inspection I cannot find a single cut or nick after appx 500 miles. Better ride feel with more cut resistance is pretty cool. Not to mention they are slightly lighter to the previous gen tire. Really great tire as expected. I hope the long term wear is as good as the 4000's but obviously after 400 miles I cannot speak to that. Judging by the short term cut resistance I would expect them to wear at least as long, if not better as a 4000 II long term.

      Active comfort actually works

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've always admittedly been mostly a Conti tire rider on 4 seasons and 4000's. When the 5000 came out with the 'active comfort' claims I scoffed at a potentially gimmicky do-nothing technology. It works!!! The difference is immediately noticeable as you get that supple cotton tire feel. Logged over a 1000 miles on a set of 25's and bumped up to the 28's since they've become available just to try them. Even MORE comfortable! Still rolls crazy fast. Can't praise Conti enough for these. Can't wait to try the TL.

      Bead failure

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I just put these on a week ago. My previous Michelin power competition clinchers lasted about 3500 miles. I ride enve 6/7 wheels.

      Less than 60 miles later and I had a bead failure where the tire came out of my rims and caught in my brakes. Pretty nasty fall. But the bike and my body is ok.

      I would caution anyone looking at these to take a second look at other tires. Maybe it was a defective tire, but I won’t be running these again.

      Bead failure

      Hi Justin, I would contact ENVE about this issue. They recently issued a product warning that some open tubulars are not safe to run on their carbon wheels because beads are tearing. I run ENVE 3.4 and the sharp edges on the wheels have been tearing the beads on the Vittoria Corsa tires I’ve been running. ENVE blames the tires manufacturers but I do think the ENVE wheel edges are quite sharp. I’ve switched to the more robust Schwalbe One tires and I’ve had no issues so far.

      I think this is a Conti problem for sure, not a rim problem. I had a similar bead blow out on a Gatorskin two week ago on my Mavic wheels - same exact thing, no side wall cut and about 40 miles into my ride on a brand new tire...

      I had a similar blow out with my conti's. New tire. Bead failure formed an "aneurysim" and blew out like a gun shot. Scared the crap out of me. I took the tire to my LBS and they direct exchanged the tire. Conti likes to find out why their tires blow out some times.