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CeramicSpeedUFO Drip Chain Coating

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Item # CMD000P

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UFO Drip Chain Coating

Get ready to enjoy a super smooth spinning and shifting chain with UFO Drip Chain Coating from CeramicSpeed. It claims that it's the world's fastest chain lube, and while that number might have to be verified on lab equipment, we can verify that our initial outings on the road have been rewarded with silent spinning and slick shifting. CeramicSpeed spent countless hours testing different versions of the lube, both on road and off, before reaching this particular formula.

UFO Drip Chain Coating is unique in that it applies as a liquid and cures to a dry coating, forming a shell that encapsulates the chain, helping drop friction while keeping contaminants out. In testing, CeramicSpeed found that only it's UFO optimized racing chains were faster. It recommends degreasing your current chain or purging out the factory lubricant on a new chain before applying the UFO Drip, and continuously applying it as needed or around every 200 kilometers.

  • Chain lube optimized for speed, on and off-road
  • Applies wet and cures dry to seal out contaminants and drop drag
  • CeramicSpeed claims only it's UFO optimized chains are faster
  • A blend of waxes, trace oils, and friction modifiers cut down on friction

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>Rating: 5


I've used it several times
True to size

Well lets admit we all at some point waste our money on all sorts of stupid stuff. But UFO Drip is not stupid stuff; quite to the contrary it is rocket fuel for your bike equivalent of a ferrari or lamborghini or 911 porsche. In any of these supercars you would not put ordinary gasonline from AM PM. Instead you would be putting high octane fuel in these supercars for that neck breaking acceleration and horsepower output. UFO Drip is that high octane fuel for your super bike. This stuff is not for your walmart bike or perhaps even your mid-end bike. UFO Drip is for high-end super bikes(think Dogma, Addict, Tarmac) and super fit athletes that push their super bikes to high performance. If you forked over $3k or more for your super bike then forking over $75 for high octane fuel should not be an issue. This stuff is obviously not for everyone and every bike; UFO Drip is for the select few who love that feeling of adrenaline when accelerating while racing or taking corners at break neck speeds, and really pushing the limits of road biking with their superbikes. As the saying goes, its worth trying at least once. You wont be disappointed for sure and it is definitely not a waste of money as you will immediately notice the results in your drivetrain with smoother shifting and optimal power transfer from all of your pedaling efforts. Even if you eventually decide to go with other lubes such as Rock N Roll Gold or Squirt Lube you will still remember UFO Drip similar to how you would remember buying a ticket for a rollercoaster or vertigo machine.

>Rating: 5

Feels and looks cleaner longer

I've used it several times

One of my biggest gripes with chain lube is the tendency they have to acquire grit. I've tried many brands and techniques to keep my chain looking clean. This stuff, is by far the best at accomplishing that. You won't know until you buy the stuff, and pulling the trigger on lube this expensive can be a tough decision, but you're getting what you pay for. I've only done a couple applications of it so far but I will be coming back to this lube once my first bottle is dead

>Rating: 5

Great product - needs time to "set"

I've put it through the wringer

I decided to try this after I had the following couple of experiences. 1. I was riding my bike through the woods, enjoying the sound of the chirping birds, when I realized those birds were not birds but my CHAIN making noise! Embarrassing, as I thought I was taking good care of my drivetrain! 2. I rode down a path that was covered in fine sand and silt from a receded flood. Despite "dry" chain lube, I ended up with a nightmare of a cleanup job. It was right after the second experience that I first tried UFO Drip. I decided to have my LBS do a complete cleaning of my drivetrain, and then applied this product. A couple of things to keep in mind - 1. DO view the videos on the CeramicSpeed website about how to apply. This will save you time and $$ because you do not want to waste this precious liquid. 2. DON'T apply this right before a ride. It DEFINITELY needs overnight to "set." 3. The product thickens at around 50 degrees F and gets stuck in the nozzle. Use when warmer or keep it warm (don't use near flame, though). 4. If you take your bike in for service, let them know not to wipe off the chain or lube it. I suspect this product does not play well with normal lubes. After starting with a perfectly clean drivetrain, this is EASY. Apply as recommended for mileage, and after a rainy ride (wash bike first). It keeps things moving and super quiet. I am on my second bottle and plan on sticking with it. Highly recommended.

>Rating: 5

Not Just Another Chain Lube

I've put it through the wringer

First of all it is very interesting the way they have you apply to a clean chain......you spin the chain and drizzle the lube on the chain.....it seems like too much but it drys very nice and the chain stays lubed and clean for several 75-100 mile rides. It still feels really good but I like to redo my chain regularly so I clean and re-lube, maybe more than I need to. I just ordered my second bottle, I sincerely think its a winner.

CeramicSpeed UFO Drip - Application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAmLhzVDJ3w