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Catlike on Competitive Cyclist

    About Catlike

    From day one, Catlike has followed its own path. From the original Airlock helmet to today's pro-proven Mixino, its designs have stood out in a pack, and with good reason. From shedding grams to slimming the profile and improving ventilation, no detail is overlooked in the pursuit of the ultimate cycling equipment.

    In addition to design, Catlike's dedication to its home country of Spain led it to invest in the infrastructure to manufacture its helmets at home. It's more than a point of national pride, however, as it has given Catlike closer control over quality. So you're guaranteed to get product that lives up to the Catlike name.

    Over the years, Catlike has manufactured cycling shoes for road and mountain, although today's offerings have been slimmed down to helmets and sunglasses. This single-minded focus, paired with extensive in-house testing facilities, has resulted in the latest generation of Catlike helmets being lighter and cooler than their predecessors. Of course the distinctive appearance remains a constant—a result of the relentless focus on building the best possible equipment for cyclists.