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Boardman Bikes

Boardman Bikes on Competitive Cyclist

    About Boardman Bikes

    Boardman Bikes takes its name from one of the titans of bicycle racing, Chris Boardman. Dubbed The Professor, the three-time World Champion earned his nickname as a result of his obsessive attention to detail in setting up his bike. So it's only fitting that Chris's namesake brand borrows not only his name, but his expertise in building bikes that are competitive at the sport's highest levels.

    The development philosophy at Boardman could be summed up as more versatility, less compromise. The goal is to build fast bikes, and that starts with the understanding that a bike doesn't ride itself. Extracting marginal gains in stiffness and weight savings are meaningless if they don't enhance the experience for the rider. Tube shapes are designed to balance responsive sprinting with the smoothness needed to attack on technical descents. The entire lineup is built to be aggressive, without giving up the comfort needed to keep the rider fresh and prepared to make moves late into a race.

    The Boardman lineup ranges from pro-level race machines to models for the rest of us. In addition, Boardman manufactures a range of accessories, including helmets, water bottle cages, and pumps. Of course, each accessory shares the same development philosophy as the bikes, with the end goal of maximizing the rider's experience, whether that experience is on race day or on a spirited weekend ride with friends.